Day Before Back To School Prep Checklist

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As my first day as a college student approaches, I of course needed to make a list to prep the day before. If it ain’t last minute, it ain’t fun. Some of these things I’ve been prepping to prep because that’s just the type of planner girl I am. For any other freshman out there, here is my day before back to school prep checklist.


I made a weekly schedule template to complete this task. I wanted to make sure that I had everything scheduled out in my weekly spread because I don’t want to be late to my classes or forget about one especially when they are quite spread out throughout the day.

I did my schedule in my bullet journal but you can get the template I made by subscribing to my weekly newsletter that grants you access to the free printables library.

weekly schedule template promo


The first thing I did was square off the time slots in which I will be having a class and allocated a different color for each class to go with my already made color-coded key in the school calendar I made in my Agugust 2020 Bullet Journal.

To-Do/ Assignments

There’s also a little section to add daily to-do list though if you downloaded the FREE college planner, you will already have a daily to-do list on the weekly spreads there. I’m not used to adding daily to-do lists in my bullet journal but just in case I might need it, I added it. I also could use it along my school calendar to add tests, quizzes, and assignments due.

college planner

End of Week Review

This is a section for me to do a little end of the week review. I will not only review my first week as a college student but also the amount of workload I can handle and the sort of tasks that will need a couple of days for completion now that I will have to put a lot of time into my classes.

Prep School Supplies

If you read my What’s in my College Backpack post, you know that I’ve already prepped for the stationery I will be using for this semester excluding textbooks because I don’t have the list of those yet.

Prep Workspace

I don’t know about you guys but due to the whole situation going on around the world I will be taking this semester of uni online so setting up my workspace is of great importance to me. Later this week I believe will be coming a post on my online school essentials. As I’ve been prepping my workspace, I have some comforting and organizational items to my workspace to make myself get into a productivity mindset to make sure that I stay focus on school while I’m at it and separate sharply my personal life from my college student life.

Self-Care Activities

Lastly, but certainly not least, I will be spending my day on self-care activities. Tuesdays tend to be my self-care day but since this is a special occasion, I will be having a self-care Sunday. You can check out my blog post on self-care ideas and my ideal self-care day for inspiration on self-care activities.

Also, I recently made a account if you are interested in checking out all the supplies directly and lists of products of my favorite things.

I hope you liked this blog post and found it helpful. Remember to get your copy of the Weekly Schedule Printable by subscribing to my weekly newsletter. If you’d like to keep up to date with the latest content and get access to my free printables library, make sure you subscribe to my weekly newsletter and check out my social media.

Question of the Day: Are you starting school online or on campus?

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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