What’s in my College Backpack?

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I know these are weird times in the world and now in back to school season, some schools are doing on-campus classes while others are online. Mine is going to be online but as the extra person that I am, I still wanted to prep my backpack as if I was going on campus since I wanted to show you what’s in my college backpack for those of you who are going to take classes online. To give you a little bit of context this will be my first semester as a freshman college student so if you are in another grade, some of these supplies might not apply to you at all. I made a what’s in my backpack post for when I was a high school senior at the beginning of this year if you are interested in checking it out.


filled backpack

When I went into looking for a backpack, I wanted 3 things; great quality, great price, and a bunch of pockets. I found this amazing backpack in Amazon for about $25-30 and I love it. It holds everything you could need for school and has a bunch of amazing pockets which like I said, was a must for me.


I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t know which bag I’m going to use until the last day to prep for school. Just know that if I were going on campus or anywhere, I would bring a purse with me.

Main Supplies

binders and journals


When I checked out the stationery that I already had, I realized I have a lot of ruled paper packs that I bought on previous back to school sales. Though I am very much in love with the discbound system, I wanted to put to use that paper and decided to go with a binder as my note-taking place for this semester.

Prong Folder

I love my prong folders. You see, when I was in high school I was the worst at gluing papers to my notebooks so I added sheet protectors in a prong folder (one for each subject) and was able to organize all of my assignments there. In this case, I will be also adding different papers to add to my binder as the semester goes on.

Bullet Journal

My bullet journal is my main planner for my personal and school life and that’s why I bring it with me everywhere. You can see my college semester bullet journal setup and get a free college planner printable by subscribing to my weekly newsletter.



Tablet or Computer

Depending on whether I will have to do an assignment at school (not this semester) or I need to reference a book I will be using a computer or tablet. As I’m starting online school and I need to do and turn in my assignments digitally, my main tool will be my computer and whenever I need to read a book while in class, I will reach for my tablet.

Phone Charger

I don’t know how much use I will give to this as I’m not used to going through my phone while in school but still I don’t know if I will use it much on campus which I won’t until maybe next year.


This is for when I bring my laptop to school. I just find it easier to use a mouse rather than a trackpad. I will mention this and other workspace stuff in my online school essentials post coming soon.

Pen Drives

In school, I had to use a pen drive for each digital project or assignment we had in school which is why I have a couple of them. I’m just used to using them to store all my files. Just so that I don’t lose them, I put them on a lanyard and this tip has honestly been the best thing ever because I can’t tell you how many times I have lost the same pen drive over and over again.


backpack essentials


If you know me you know I bring at least 3 packs of kleenex everywhere I go. They are just super handy overall.

Hand Sanitizer & Soap

We all want to keep our hands clean as much as possible and free of germs. That’s why the hand sanitizer and soap are a must.


Just to be extra careful or in case for some reason mine breaks.

Feminine Products Bag

Just in case I have an emergency or someone else.


Pencil Bag

pencil bag

Sadly, the frozen bag I showed in my bullet journal essentials broke so now I’m using this Avengers one keeping up the Disney theme.

I tend to not bring too many supplies to school because I don’t want my bag to weigh more than I.

I will put most of my main stationery in the variety of pockets that the backpack has but for the extra supplies that I like to bring just in case, I use my pencil bag.

  • Pencils = I carry a pencil in my purse for easy reach and the extra ones in the bag.
  • Pens = One pen in my purse and the extra ones in my bag.
  • Highlighters = I don’t use highlighters much but I have heard the are really useful in uni so I still bring them along with me on the bag.
  • Coloring Pencils = I use a color-coded key in my bullet journal so I will be bringing those specific colors everywhere I go.
  • Eraser and White Out = To deal with any horrorific mistakes.
  • Sticky Notes = I just love them to jot down small notes and to tab on subjects I have assignments on.



I love rainy days for when I’m at home but I don’t like the idea of getting rained over and then fall sick and we avoid that by using an umbrella.

Water Bottle

If I’m at school or being super productive, I tend to drink lots of water throughout the day and a water bottle is essential. When I was in middle school I used to bring 2 water bottles with me every day but I’ve toned it down a bit every since.


I like to know the time at all times and I don’t like to reach for my phone to check the time or ask and a watch comes in hand to know which day it is especially now in quarantine when the time goes different (relatively).

Wallet/ Coin Purse


I don’t like to carry around big wallets because I find them unnecessary and ever since I started using coin purses as my wallets I have loved them. They are compact and super lightweight which comes in handy when you carry both a backpack and a purse around.

That’s it for this blog post. I hope you found it helpful. If you are attending college on campus comment down below what you will be bringing with you so that we can help those who are also going on campus in the comments. As I said, this semester I’m going online, so most of these things I will just have on a desk rather than in my backpack, and all the going out stuff aren’t applicable to me and won’t be throughout this semester.

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