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Now that a lot of us will be taking online school due to the situation going on in the world, I wanted to share some of the things I did to prep my workspace for an organized, ergonomic and productivity filled space. These are the things that I had and set up combined with some of the things I invested in to have a nice studying setup not only for this semester but for my whole college life. Here are some online school supplies in the tech and organizational department I think you will find helpful throughout your online school experience.

Monitor Stand

monitor stand

I got this monitor stand to not only prop up my computer to eye level but to also more storage on my desk. I have a problem in which I either have too many stationery supplies or start creating a bunch of extra supplies while having ongoing crafting projects so the extra space to store those supplies is well appreciated and received.

I tried to link this monitor stand but when I checked out the one I had bought, it was no longer available and had changed the product. If it comes back, I will make sure to add the link to this post.


This is useful whether you are using a laptop or a tablet. Since I’m having my computer propped on the monitor stand most of the time, the keyboard comes in handy since you don’t want to have to type on the laptop’s keyboard at arm’s length. It just ain’t good for your arms.


I don’t know about you guys, but even when I’m just laying on the sofa using my laptop, I bring my little mouse with me. It just makes the navigation way easier than using the trackpad, at least in my opinion.

Desk Chair

I love my chair! It is a super simple chair but it has wheels and I love it for that. It helps me maintain my posture throughout the day by having the back’s support and I can roll in and out of my little desk area which is not only convenient but fun.



I have a little wall space in my desk area since it is at the bottom of a bed loft. I love organizing my supplies and when I saw that I could use a pegboard to organize more stuff I just thought it was the perfect thing for me. I also got some pegboard hooks to put on that will be useful when I make some cups and trays to hang on the wall.

It is just great not only for online school supplies but to organize your room if you have a small room or dorm.

LED Light Strips

led lights

This is for anyone who wants to decorate their room or wants to light up space below their bed if they have a bed loft. Though if you want something for decorating purposes I recommend you check out fairy lights since they are quite cute.

The reason why I got these LED light strips is that the space below my bed doesn’t get much light and I needed it to be able to work comfortably without having to set up a big hot lamp on my desk. It is also convenient to have as lighting for those times in which I have video conference-style classes.


This is by far to be the most important supply to have not only for online school but just for life in general. I believe planners are one of those things that are necessary to keep on top of important dates and deadlines. I use my bullet journal to prep and plan for my personal and school/ college life. In my July 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup I go through all the planners and journals I use to organize different aspects of my life.

If you’d like to get a planner for yourself. You can get the FREE College Planner Printable I made just for you. You can get the planner by subscribing to my weekly newsletter that grants you access to the FREE Printables Library.

college planner

That’s mostly it for this blog post. I hope you found it helpful. Let me know down below if you will be taking classes online or on-campus this semester. Also, if you are taking classes online, what are some of your tips and recommendations for any new online students like myself?

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