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Loft Bed Accessories for Bed, Shelves and More

Loft Bed Accessories
Thanks to the great prices at Facebook Market Place, I was able to get an IKEA loft bed for an amazing discounted price in optimal quality. I know they can be quite the investment and that’s why I recommend you check out Facebook Market Place for a price that fits your budget. Loft beds are convenient if you have a small room like mine. The one I got has a desk with some drawers and a combo of a little shelf and closet below the bed. Here are some of the loft bed accessories I have found helpful when arranging and organizing my room so that everything has a place.

School Time Management

School Time Management
With school and college comes a lot of assignments and responsibilities. I wanted to make sure that I distributed my time nicely so that I could fulfill both my responsibilities and had time to do extra activities that make me happy. Here is how I deal with school time management to be able to work on both my responsibilities as a student and my personal life.

Online School Supplies – Tech and Organizational

Online School Supplies
Now that a lot of us will be taking online school due to the situation going on in the world, I wanted to share some of the things I did to prep my workspace for an organized, ergonomic and productivity filled space. These are the things that I had and set up combined with some of the things I invested in to have a nice studying setup not only for this semester but for my whole college life. Here are some online school supplies in the tech and organizational department I think you will find helpful throughout your online school experience.

What’s in my College Backpack?

what's in my college backpack?
I know these are weird times in the world and now in back to school season, some schools are doing on-campus classes while others are online. Mine is going to be online but as the extra person that I am, I still wanted to prep my backpack as if I was going on campus since I wanted to show you what’s in my college backpack for those of you who are going to take classes online. To give you a little bit of context this will be my first semester as a freshman college student so if you are in another grade, some of these supplies might not apply to you at all. I made a what’s in my backpack post for when I was a high school senior at the beginning of this year if you are interested in checking it out.

FREE College Planner August 2020-December 2020 Printable Flip-Through

college planner
As August approaches, so does the back to school season. I know these are uncertain times but something that helps me stay grounded is planning to whatever extent I can and keeping track of important dates and assignments. For that reason, I created The FREE College Planner Printable. I wanted to give you a full planner printable for you to use throughout this upcoming semester. The great thing about this planner is that it has everything you could possibly need whether you are taking classes online or on campus.

Bullet Journal Setup for College Students 2020

bullet journal setup for college students
My first semester as a college student is right around the corner I want to make sure that I have everything set up in my bullet journal to have a successful semester. From now on, I will be adding college-related spreads in my bullet journal but first, I need to do the spreads that are going to get me started. This is the beginning of my bullet journal setup for college students.