How to Have a Peaceful Day

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As a way to celebrate the National Day of Relaxation, I wanted to show with you my favorite things to do to have a peaceful day. These different tasks allow me to have a peaceful day filled with productivity which is why I try my best to implement them in my day to day though there are still times in which slumps take over me and I don’t do them. This is my take on how to have a peaceful day.

Do Yoga & Meditate

This activity is quite surprising to me since I’m pretty lazy but these past few months I have noticed how much my mood changes when I do yoga and meditate early in the morning. It kind of setups my day to be successful which like I said it’s surprising for someone like me who’s not very active.

Now, when I say yoga I don’t mean the super intense stretches and stuff like that. I took it upon myself to find the easiest yoga session I could find on YouTube that lasted ten minutes and found this one which I’ve been doing on and off for the last months.

For the meditation, you could either find a guided meditation on YouTube which I particularly use these or a breathing exercise which is also helpful.


This is a major must for me. I could have done nothing throughout the day but if I read, I feel good about myself since it is something that makes me happy and I believe it helps me grow one page at a time. My mood is heavily affected by the amount of reading that I do and that’s why every time I get into a reading slump I go through the steps I jotted down in my how to establish a reading habit post. Reading allows me to have a peaceful moment while getting swept into the world the author has created for its characters.

Paint & Crafting


This is more of a Self-Care task as I mentioned it in my Self-Care Ideas post with a bunch of other activities. I love painting and crafting but I tend to give myself specific days of crafting and painting since it takes quite a bit of time when I try to batch a bunch of crafting projects at once.

Still, there are specific crafting and painting projects that are small enough that I can do them daily. Things like painting a bookmark, doing strings of magazine paper for magazine purses, etc.

Watch a Disney or Christmas Movie

I love Disney and Christmas like no other. I literally prep for Christmas as soon as it ends. I would leave the Christmas tree all year long if I could and I’m thinking of setting up a little one for this year to leave throughout 2021 because I love it that much. I also love watching movies and TV Shows.

The reason why I only mentioned movies for this activity is that if I start watching a series I might not be able to stop watching it until I finish it and that doesn’t do me any good in terms of productivity and my back at the end of the day for being on the sofa all day.

I consider movies a great pick me up for when I’m having a tough day and I consider a peaceful activity overall. Especially when it is a Disney or Christmas movie.


Whether it is a letter or longhand journaling, I consider writing an incredible task to do for when you want to have a peaceful yet productive day. If I’m doing any type of journaling, I tend to reach for Prompts through Pinterest or go to Lavendaire’s YouTube Channel for inspo.

For letters, you could either write a letter to someone you love or to yourself. One of my upcoming writing projects is a series of letters I want to write to myself to open at different times such as open when you are (blank) type of letters.


planner and journal lineup

This is a tricky one. Planning brings me peace as I know what’s coming up and what to expect for certain things. But there’s a thing called too much planning which I have found myself doing plenty of times but at this point, that’s just a personality trait from me.

In order for me to have a peaceful day, I need to know what I will be doing throughout the day because if I don’t, I will end up spending the day staring at the ceiling which is a no-no for me.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I do a simple to-do list and check off the things as I go throughout the day and yes, I include the movie in my to-do list because taking that time off is important to me.

Paint My Nails

Super random, I know. For some reason painting my nails is relaxing for me. I like trying out a bunch of crazy colors and just have a full-on color palette when I look at my nails. It is what it is. I don’t know what else to say about it ‘cuz of the randomness of it.

So that’s it for this post which I hope you found helpful. If you liked this blog post I’m pretty sure you will also like the one I made on My Ideal Self Care Day.

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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