FREE College Planner August 2020-December 2020 Printable Flip-Through

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As August approaches, so does the back to school season. I know these are uncertain times but something that helps me stay grounded is planning to whatever extent I can and keeping track of important dates and assignments. For that reason, I created The FREE College Planner Printable. I wanted to give you a full planner printable for you to use throughout this upcoming semester. The great thing about this planner is that it has everything you could possibly need whether you are taking classes online or on campus.

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The planner has a very simple and functional design that gives you space to decorate it however you would like to.

There will be a standard Half-Letter which you can print out for disc, glue, and ring-bound types of binding and there will be a version that it’s placed in a way that could be printed for kettle stitch binding. You can see how to do a kettle stitch binding by following this tutorial by Sea Lemon on YouTube.

Semester Pages

I will mention quickly the semester pages as I already made a blog post about Bullet Journal Setup for College Students that goes in detail in each of the spreads and how I’m using them in my bullet journal.

college planner images semester

• Important Dates = The important dates spread is divided into 3 sections for each month that you can categorize for your priorities.
• Class Schedule = I made a simple table for the Class Schedule spread. I made sure to include the 7 days of the weeks so that you can work around your schedule whether you are taking classes online or on campus.
• Class Info = Just a page when you can have your class details and important information such as the professors’ email and office hours for questions.
• School Supplies List = This is divided it into stationery and workspace. I thought that setting up a workspace will not only be good for people who are studying at home but for people who want to set up a space to work on when they are at home.
• Books and Resources = To note all those good resources online and any book you might need to get for school.
• Favorite Meals and Recipes = I thought this would be a fun spread to experiment with as I will be attending my first semester as a college student.

Monthly Pages

I made pages that will help you on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

college planner images monthly

• Calendar = This is just a standard calendar that always comes in handy and if you’ve seen any of my previous Bullet Journal Setups you know that I use a class color-coded key to keep track of assignments and such.
• Budget = Whether you have one, none, or multiple jobs I think you will find this spread helpful. It is divided into fixed expenses (rent, phone, subscriptions, etc.) and variable expenses (water, electricity, groceries, etc.).
• Expense Tracker = Pretty self-explanatory; a place to track your day to day expenses.
• Habit Tracker and Gratitude Log = This spread has more of a personal and self-care purpose. I know habit tracking is not for everyone but you can do other things such as a standardized to-do list to check off as I did in my July 2020 Moana Bullet Journal Setup. I added a gratitude log because it is something that has truly helped me appreciate life more and see it in a brighter light.
• Weekly Spread = For this weekly spread layout I included a weekly goals section as it is something that for some reason has always helped me to stay productive throughout the week and do tasks that aren’t designated to a specific date. On each day, it has a to-do list and a blank space to use as you wish.

Graph Paper

Any space left out due to odd weeks is filled with a graph pattern.

I really hope you like the College Planner and find it helpful. If you are already part of the email subscribers list, you can head out to the Free Printables Library to get the planner and if you are new, you can subscribe down below.

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This is the first planner I’ve designed so if you have any requests in terms of optimizing the planner for other planner sizes or you feel it needs something extra, feel free to let me know in the comments down below as I’m planning on keeping making these printables for you and I want to make sure they suit your needs.

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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