Plan With Me | August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Monsters, Inc./ University

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August is just right around the corner and you know what that means… A new bullet journal setup! This month’s setup turned out to be quite interesting. You see, as the planner girl that I am, I like to prep my layouts in terms of the elements and overall design I want for each spread. This month, I didn’t plan much about the design. I went straight with the main elements and kind of winged it with the theme. As soon as I had something sketched out, I would quickly go over it with a pen and moved on. As I’ll be starting college, I decided to go with a Monsters, Inc./ University theme. Here we have my August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup.

You can check out the supplies that I used in this setup in my Bullet Journal Essentials post. Also, if you haven’t seen any of my previous blog posts, you may not know that I created a FREE College Planner Printable that you can access through the resource library that is given to my weekly email subscribers.

college planner

Monthly Log, Goals, & To-Do

august 2020 log and goals

The monthly log has the same purpose as usual which is for marking holidays and birthdays. I added the goals section which has a student ID sort of design with a to-do list below it. I doodled the outline of Mike because like I said, I just winged it for this one.

University Calendar

august 2020 calendar

Since it’s back to school, I brought back my boxed calendar. For this month, I made longer boxes divided by a colored line so that I can write down the classes I have for the day on the top section and assignments, tests and due dates on the bottom. I use a color-coded key to represent each class so that I don’t have to write down the name of the class and can go along with using such a small calendar.

To decorate this page I just did the outline of the pinky design of Boo’s door and doodled a few flowers for date headers.

Habit Tracker, To-Do’s & Gratitude

august 2020 log and trackers

I really enjoyed this new layout I tried last month so I decided to keep it up. For the habit tracker, I have my personal section, my educational/ learning tracker, and a recurring to-do list marker in which I will be making a circle in each task of those that I want to complete for the day and check them off as completed.

Next to that is the gratitude log which accompanies me each month to help me focus on the positive and maintain a healthy mindset. To decorate this page I simply added a couple of green to the header of the spread to represent Mike Wasowski and blue with purple-ish fushia at the footer to represent Sullivan.

Budget & Expense Tracker

august 2020 budget

I made a little budgeting section because I don’t know the supplies that I would have to buy for each class. In the FREE College Planner Printable, there’s a full budgeting spread with space to put: income, fixed and variable expenses, and a little budget review with an extra spread for tracking expenses for each month.

I did the outline of Boo because I just thought it would fit perfectly there and you can see I was pretty all over the place when doodling because the lines are all messed up but like I always say with such things: “It gives it personality”.

Weekly Planning

august 2020 weekly goals

For the moment I’m not creating weekly spreads as I’m just taking free journaling space in my bullet journal to do my journaling sessions freely but since I still want to have a bit of structure and something to help me maintain focus, I created this weekly goals page that has college-like banners representing each week of the month.

So that’s pretty much it for this month’s plan with me. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you’d like to keep up to date with the latest content and freebies, make sure you subscribe to my weekly newsletter and check out my social media

Question of the Day: Monsters, Inc or Monsters University?

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