Christmas Gift Guide – Stationery, Art & Crafting Supplies + Tech

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Do you ever struggle with finding the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones or even for yourself? Today, I’m going to share with you a list of Christmas gift ideas divided into 2 categories: Stationery, Art, & Crafting Supplies, and Tech. The Christmas Gift Guide of 2020.

Stationery, Arts & Crafting Supplies

  • Paints = Whether is watercolors, acrylic, or gouache paint, it is a great thing to gift for people who are into art and expressing themselves through it and want to try new mediums.


If the person is really into crafting, these gifts will be the best.

  • Cutting Mat = As a crafter, this has been one of the best investments I’ve made in terms of crafting supplies. It has truly changed the game in terms of things I can create like customized journals and stationery.

If you would like more crafting focused supplies, make sure to check out my favorite crafting supplies post.


One thing that I used to struggle with as a crafter, was supply organization. These things are not only great to organize stationery supplies but anything in general.

  • 10 Drawer Rolling Cart = You can check out my post on Stationery and Crafting Supplies Organization.
  • Pegboards = having a pegboard is great for both organization and decorating.

Planner & Journals


  • Headphones = the ideal gift for someone who loves listening to music. I personally love this headphones because they are noise canceling and have been using them for online classes.
  • Kindle = if you know a fellow bookworm I’m pretty sure they will love this as a gift. I’m more of a physical book reader but I know a lot of people who love their Kindle.
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses = Ever since the pandemic began, a lot of us are spending basically all of our time staring at a screen. Blue light blocking glasses are essential if you want to protect your eyes from the blue light.
  • Ipad Pro = This is a big investment. But if you have the budget for someone special that’s into digital drawing or just will find it useful in their day to day, I recommend you check it out. I’ve loved mine for drawing and taking notes for school. Also, I got the apple pencil to be able to draw on it and a cover just because it is a big investment and I don’t want to risk shattering it. If your loved one is clumsy, make sure to get a cover to protect it.
  • Amazon Fire 8 Tablet = for the longest time, I used the Amazon Fire 8, to draw digital doodles and just use it as my tablet and it worked just fine for what I needed. Make sure to check for the newer version because the 8 is pretty old. I can’t say it is the same as the Ipad Pro but it is good nonetheless.

I hope you found this Gift Guide Helpful and that you are able to get all of your gifts on time for Christmas. If you are into making your gift for Christmas instead of buying, make sure to stay tuned because I also love creating customized gifts for Christmas and I will be making a DIY Christmas Gift blog post soon.

QOTD: What is the best Christmas Gift you’ve ever received or given? (It doesn’t have to be a thing, it can be a family tradition, something you’re grateful for, etc.)

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