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With the new year comes new planners, and I love planners. In fact, I’ve been prepping for the start of this year since halfway through the last one. In this post, I will be jotting down all the planners I’m planning on using this brand new year as well as any extra journals I decided to add to the mix.

Bullet Journal

bullet journal

For this planner, I made the journal so that I could make sure it had the specifications I wanted and it fitted for what I wanted to use it for. I made a whole blog post dedicated to my 2020 bullet journal setup and another one for my January one. I have been using this system for almost two years and I’ve been loving it to use it for school and my personal life with habit trackers and daily journal entries. If you are interested in trying this system yourself, make sure to check out the post I made on how I started a bullet journal and my recommendations.

Traveler’s Notebook

traveler's notebook

Another planning system that I have been using but on a fewer basis, is the traveler’s notebook. This specifically is the Webster’s Pages Blush Stripe Traveler’s Notebook and it has whhite and light pink stripes on the outside. The reason why I chose this specific traveler’s notebook was both because of the price and quality. Also, it was really important for me that it wasn’t made out of real leather. And, as you can see, it has a lot of pockets that I left empty for this photo.

If you want to learn more about this system, here is a blog post I found really useful explaining what it is and how it can be used. If you have heard of the traveler’s notebook, you know that it uses notebooks or inserts that are thin notebooks to put in the elastics that the cover has. I currently have 4 inserts in mine: an insert for brainstorms, one for book reviews, one for Be Yourself ideas and one to track my Korean learning journey. These inserts I made myself with regular printing paper and scrapbook paper for the covers. If you would like to have a setup and flip through of any of the journals I have mentioned, make sure to comment down below.

Korean Learning

korean journals

Other journals that I like to use for studying Korean are a blank lab notebook to write down the notes from the courses I take and another one to have as my Korean log to reach for as time passes and has the most important information from each course and the language itself.

I have been studying Korean for quite sometime and I found that having these two notebooks and an insert in my traveler’s notebook to track my progress are just what I need to have my language studies organized.

If you want to know how I started studying korean and which free resources I use along with how I set up my journals, make sure let me know in the comments section.

The Happy Planner/ Creative Projects Planner

creative projects planner

The happy planner consists of a binding system based off of discs. For the short time that I’ve had it, I’ve really enjoyed it, I consider it to be just as customizable as the bullet journal system but still in its unique way. In this binder of sorts, I have everything related to this blog, social media and any creative projects that I would like to make in BY.

The only things that I bought from it were The Big Punch to be able to punch any paper that I have at hand and want to put in it and The Expander Discs which are the bigger ones. I personally bought the bigger pack of discs because I found that it was more affordable. I recommend you check out Joann and Michael’s because they often have sales.

They also have the mini and medium discs in packs like the one that I bought but I wasn’t able to get them.

As for the cover, I made it myself from a prong folder I had in stock at home but I will eventually make another one with a thicker cardstock material.


journaling notebooks

As of recently, I’ve been enjoying doing some journaling every now and then just to declutter my mind and to do as a self-care activity for when I’m not feeling my best. I just pop in the date and start writing. I also tend to write when I have a story idea or some sort of creative writing idea that I have occupying my mind so that I can reach for it when I want to develop and use it.

Next to traditional journaling is my blank journal for creative journaling. I’m planning on using prompts from instagram, pinterest and create some of my own prompts for fun. If you are interested in creative journaling I recommend you check it out, it is a very fun creative outlet.

Writer’s Notebook

Lastly, but definitely not least, is my writer’s notebook. I am currently working on a YA fantasy series and I only find fitting to have a journal to jot down and brainstorm any important information regarding the books and series as a whole.

The journal I will be using is one from a pack of three journals from the Oh My Disney Collection. The pack had one ruled journal, one graph journal and one blank journal. Sadly this specific pack is no longer awailable though the collection is still active and has others. Meanwhile, I’m using the ruled one as my writer’s notebook.

Right now, I have all the big documents regarding the world-building of my story in a prong folder and I will eventually move on all my loose papers to The Happy Planner.

Well, that’s it for this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to comment down below the planners or journals you chose to use for this year and if I have not mentioned the system, perhaps you could share with everyone the planning system you use and what you like about it. Before you go, make sure to subscribe to my email list to receive weekly updates on the content I will be posting.

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Xoxo, Patrick.


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