DIY Christmas Gifts and Decor

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Christmas is literally a few days away at this point and I honestly can’t believe how fast yet slow this year has gone by. As the final Christmas blog post, I will be sharing with you a few DIY Christmas Gifts and Decor just so that you are extra ready for the holidays.

I love crafting gifts for the holidays as it allows you to fully customize them for your loved ones. I hope you like these DIYs and as always, if you have a question, make sure to let me know in the comments.

Felt Cardholder/ Purse



  • The first thing you want to do is cut out your pieces of felt fabric. You will be needing two pieces 10 x 6 cm and one-piece, 10 x 14 cm.
  • Fold the 10 x 14 cm piece in half and fold a ribbon at the top of the smaller pieces on the 10cm side.
  • Glue the bottoms of the two smaller pieces on the bottom of the folded large piece.
  • Glue the zipper carefully after cutting the excess on each side if you have any.
  • Lastly, do a blanket stitching on each side to connect the whole piece and from there you have the felt wallet. If you would like to add an extra customized layer, you can either embroider or glue a patch of whatever design you would like.

Customized Pouch



  • Take two pieces of felt fabric that are about letter-sized and fold them almost in half leaving around 1/2” or take a piece of felt fabric and cut it in half to make a smaller pouch.
  • Sew both sides of each piece with a blanket stitch and glue the top edges to a zipper.
  • Print or doodle whatever designs you want to add to the pouch and create a patch with the felt.
  • Add |__| (this shape) with glue on the shorter side of the pouch to glue it to the other side and end up with 3 pockets.
  • Lastly, add the patch or patches you created and decorate.

Magazine Purse

I won’t be going into detail with this DIY because it is quite extensive and detailed but I made a full blog post not long ago on how to create a magazine purse step by step and it turns out to be a great gift for any time so make sure to check out the DIY magazine purse blog post.

Clay Earrings



  • Work the clay and form the shapes you want to bake and bake them on a piece of parchment following the instructions the clay gives you. Make sure to poke a hole at the top of the clay piece so that you can put and adjust a headpin through it.
  • Pain the clay once it’s cooled down.
  • Add the headpin creating a loop with the pliers and add beads or just connect it to a hook.
  • Add all the finishing details and there you have it! Clay earrings!

Clay Ornaments



  • Work the clay and flatten it out how you would cookie dough. If you are doing it with your hands, I recommend you use parchment paper on top so that you don’t leave your fingerprints on the clay.
  • Cut out the shapes you want with the cookie cutters and bake following the instructions the clay gives you. Make sure to poke a hole before baking for the following steps.
  • Once cooled, paint the ornaments and hook an earring head pin to the hole with your pliers or add the little ornament hooks and to finish it off, add a cute ribbon to the ornament.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Make sure to comment down below: What are your favorite crafts to make this holiday season?

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