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Stationery and Crafting Supplies Organization Part 1: Crafting Supplies Cart

Blog Post 3 Crafting Supplies Cart
As a crafter and stationery lover, one thing I’ve struggled with throughout the years is organization. I would collect and collect supplies with no end and have no organization system set up for me to store them. If you are a fellow crafter, in this blog post series, I will be sharing with you how I organize my stationery and crafting supplies. For this first part, I will be showcasing my good old crafting supplies cart.

Book Review Journal Setup

Book Review Journal Setup
If you are a fellow bookworm like myself, you will like this blog post. After years of reading, I found myself keeping track of the books that I was reading and forgetting them. I wanted to fix that issue by designating a book review journal. You see, it’s not that I forgot what the book was about overall, but I forgot if I truly enjoyed it or what I enjoyed about them. I also wanted a place in which I could jot down my feelings after re-reading books that I love. Here we have my book review journal setup.

How I Plan For Crafting Projects

I love crafting and just creating new things out of others. It is one of my favorite creative outlets since you have full freedom of the customization of the thing you are creating. The thing is, that I not only love crafting, but I also like to prepare for any crafting projects I want to work on. All of the crafting projects I have shared on blog posts have had planning and prepping behind them. I wanted to share how I plan for crafting projects in case anyone out there is interested in finding a way to prep and organize their crafting projects.

How to Make New Stationery from Old Composition Notebooks

So, I finished High School in May (Woo-hoo!!!) and I was left with all the composition notebooks I’ve been using for school for the past 12 years. That being said, I was not just going to throw them all away when there was a possibility I would need them in the future. Well, that future has come. I decided to make new stationery from old composition notebooks. There are many things you can create from the covers to the paper inside and I’m going to show you all the things I made.

DIY Magazine Purse

When I was little, I used to go to a crafting summer camp. There I learned to do a bunch of things; I wanted to share one of those things with you today. This is one of those DIYs that are affordable to make yet they require a bit more work than usual. I hope you enjoy and find value in learning how to make this DIY magazine purse. Yes, you heard it right, a purse made out of magazine paper.

DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Just as for mother’s day, I decided to make some DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas. I love holidays and birthdays because they bring me the opportunity to spend time creating handmade thoughtful gifts for my loved ones. I will try my best to explain every step of the way as thoroughly as possible. For these gifts, I wanted to have a superhero element and an elegance element. They are quite simple looking and can be customized to your preferences, or in this case, to your dad’s preferences.