My Top 10 Must-Have Crafting Supplies

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Ever since little I had a thing for crafting. It is one of those things that just makes me happy. Crafting allows you to create new things and fix old ones. Throughout the years I’ve been able to try a few crafting tools along the way and there are some that once you try them there’s no going back. These are the tools that have made my life easier and have allowed me to try new sorts of crafting projects thanks to the flexibility they provide me. Some of them you may consider essential and some not. These are my favorite and must-have crafting supplies for the type of crafting that I do and depending on the things you like to create you may like other tools.

Cutting Mat & Cutting Tool

cutting mat and tool

This has been the most amazing thing I could have gotten. If there’s one thing that I would recommend the most is a cutting mat. You see, for the type of crafting that I do which mostly uses papers and cardstocks, the cutting mat became my right-hand man at the moment of creating outlines or loops in the middle of a piece.

Cutting with scissors work and I used scissors for years and years but as there was always some sort of compromise in the state of the paper that I was using because I had to punch through it and fold it in a variety of ways.

It also comes in handy when you want to cut over the same outline on a lot of pieces. For instance, once upon a time, I would trace the measurement of the piece of magazine paper I would need to make magazine purses and cut it with scissors.

It worked but once I did it with the cutting mat that only required me to do the outline just once, hold the block of magazine paper with a binder clip and go over it until it was done. I realized how much time it saved me to use the cutting mat and it saved me the soreness of holding the scissors for too long.



If you are a planner/ stationery lover who likes to make their stationery, you will love a laminator. I got it just recently and have loved it to bits. I like to make my customized stationery and planners and when it came to customizing my binders or my discbound notebooks, I had a bit of a situation because the covers that I made weren’t sturdy enough.

Once I got the laminator, I was able to laminate all the covers and dividers that I made with cardstock and give a stronger form to my discbound notebooks.

It is super easy to use and convenient for creating stronger paper forms. You can use it to make folders, envelopes, ID card slots, etc.


If you got the cutting mat, a guillotine is not as needed unless you have to get through cutting a lot of stuff very quickly. The reason why I included the guillotine is that it provides a very easy solution when you have a line of things to cut through. Like the to-do list template and college planner and stuff like that which you can get for FREE at the Printables Library that I made for my email subscribers.

Mod Podge

Not so long ago, I used to put contact paper on surfaces that I wanted to make waterproof. The thing is that I wasn’t feeling so good about using that amount of plastic so I decided to try out Mod Podge. I was left quite impressed with it. It can be used as a glue and as a finishing coat and it comes in both matte and glossy finish.

I used it for both of its purposes, the glue for making mache paper and the finishing coat.

Sewing Kit

sewing kit

Something quite unexpecting and that I never thought I would reach for as much as I do. The sewing kit that I have comes with a great variety of needles that help me get projects with fabric done whether I’m doing a simple stitch or embroidery.


rulers and pencils

The perfectionist inside of me cannot live without a ruler. My family is full of engineers, I guess I got the perfectionism genetically. All of my crafting projects require a ruler. It is the thing that allows each piece of the project to fit perfectly with all its components and it is a full-on must.


This is pretty self-explanatory. You need something to plan your crafting projects and something to sketch them out. I always reach for a pencil since I don’t want to leave any permanent marks on my projects.

Felt Fabric

felt fabric

Like I mentioned before, I’m not an avid sewer. Fabrics and I get along every now and then but not at all times. That’s why as soon as I started using felt fabric I saw the light.

Felt fabric is super flexible and brings the firmness that not many other fabrics have in them. I love it for making embroidered keychains, pouches, stationery kits, and more.

Recyclable Materials

recyclable supplies

As a person who doesn’t like to throw away things and a crafter, using recyclable materials in my crafting projects is just expected.

If you feel at any point that something is stopping you from making a certain craft or DIY I encourage you to check your surroundings and things that can be upcycled.

You can make things from room decor to organizers. You could even make new tools to use with other crafts with the recyclable materials you have at home like water bottles and cardboard.

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Question of the Day: What is or are your favorite crafting supplies?

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