July 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup

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At the beginning of the year, I made my 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup. Things have changed quite a bit ever since with me trying out new journals and repurposing others. There were also some journals that I left for the time being because they won’t be relevant for the remainder of the year but still will be reached for at some point eventually. That’s why I decided to make this updated July 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup.

Planners and Journals Archived

First, let’s get over the notebooks I have archived for the rest of the year. All of my Korean Language Learning Notebooks have been stored because I will be studying another language. Next year, when I start studying Korean again, I will reach for these notebooks and continue from where I left off.

Bullet Journal

bullet journal

My bullet journal is always with me. Evolving in its spreads but I always have it and use it on a daily basis for one thing or another. I keep up to date with deadlines on school and personal matters. I also use it to keep track of my physical and emotional health with habit trackers, gratitude log, and my daily journaling.

Brainstorm Notebook

big happy planner

This is a discbound journal that I made using The Happy Planner system with the big punch and the expander discs. I started using this planner as my business planner but then moved it on to my brainstorm and mind mapping journal. With the blank paper, it allows me to have a blank canvas every time I want to develop a new idea.

Course Journal and BY Planner

small happy planner

Using the same discbound system, I made this B5 journal/planner. The paper inside I took out using my cutting mat and made the cover and dividers with cardstock.

It holds my BY Planning Pages that I printed out on the same ruled paper because I liked the B5 sized planner and use the rest for my graphic design, marketing, photography, and web design course notes.

A5 BY Log

beyourself journal

Any notes and things I need to jot down on the go regarding this brand, I write down in this A5 blank journal. Sadly, this journal is no longer available, it came from a pack of 3 journals from the Oh My Disney collection at Disney Store.



In the first half of the year, I used this journal for creative journaling using prompts like the ones in my Self-Love Creative Journaling Prompts post. I started using another journal for that since this turned out to be my web and graphic design sketchbook.

Quarantine Creative Journal

In my DIYs for Stress Relief post, I showcased my quarantine creative journal. I like it because I can fill it pretty quickly and have whole spreads for different things.

Novel Writing Notebook

writing journal

This notebook stayed the same from the start of the year. In it are most of my notes for the book series I’m writing. There’s not much science in this notebook.

Journaling Notebook

When I feel like I need to rant or just organize my thoughts through journaling, I use this composition notebook. The reason why I don’t use my bullet journal for that is that the journaling I do in my bullet journal is pretty straight forward with what I did throughout the day and what is my overall feeling for the day.

TV Show Tracker and Review-Journal

I love watching TV Shows with my family and friends. The reason why I created this journal is to track the TV shows I’ve watched and with who I have watched them. I track the episodes and do a little review at the end.

That’s it for my July 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup. I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you’d like to see more content like this, make sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter and check out my social media.

Comment down below what planners and journals you are using for the remainder of 2020 or if you are planning on trying a new planning system.

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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