How to Get Into the Christmas Holiday Spirit

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I know this year has been quite difficult for a lot of people around the world. It may be hard to get excited for the holidays with everything going on in the world at the moment. Still, there are little things here and there you can do to get into the Christmas holiday spirit and get excited for such an incredible season.

I hope you enjoy doing and setting up all of these things for Christmas and that you have an amazing December and Christmas.


Aside from having the “A Very Trainor Christmas” album by Meghan Trainor every day on blast, one thing that I love about Christmas is all the beautiful Christmas movies that streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ come with.

They are the perfect pick me up and just fun and cozy to watch. In my December Bullet Journal Setup, I dedicated a page to jot down and check off all the Christmas movies that I want to watch this December. Some of them I’m rewatching and others have just recently come out. Feel free to use my list as a guide for Christmas movies and have fun.


I’m not the biggest fan of cooking, but I’ve found out that I enjoy baking. I recently made chocolate chip cookies and they lasted less than 24 hours at home.

I don’t know what it is about baking but I find it so therapeutic, sweet, and cozy. Just keep in mind that if you aren’t a fan (like myself) of washing dishes, you’ll probably want to cut off on the baking.

If you have any favorite baking recipes, share them with me in the comments down below because I really want to try new baking recipes this holiday season.


What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by putting up decor and a tree. If it were for me, I would leave the Christmas tree year-round.

If you would like to be a little bit extra, you could bring the decor to your work station. I like to have Christmas things everywhere I go. In my desk area, I have some fairy lights and little ornaments so it’s not like I have a full-on Christmas tree in my bedroom (not yet but someday).

Christmas Shopping

During the holidays there tend to be lots of sales going around and there’s nothing that I love more than a good sale and if it’s free shipping, I’m in love.

As the year goes, I like to have a list of things that come up while talking to my loved ones like something they like, such as a specific brand, game, tv show, etc. This helps me get an idea of what to get for Christmas or DIY for Christmas which brings me to my next point on this list.

Christmas DIY Projects

I love creating thoughtful handmade gifts for my loved ones. It is not only sweeter but also fully customized as you would be making it with your own hands.

Soon I’ll be sharing with you a bunch of DIY gift ideas for Christmas so make sure to stay tuned for that.

Christmas Bullet Journal Kit

DIY Christmas Bullet Journal Kit

I know that there’s not a lot of planning that’s being done due to everything happening in the world right now but there are a lot of things you can do at home like all the things I have previously mentioned and what better way to prep, manage, and organize all of those tasks than with a bullet journal.

I personally make a bullet journal for Christmas every year and for 2020 I decided to make a full Christmas Bullet Journal Kit. Make sure to check out this blog post to see how I make a softbound journal, sticky note log, and a stocking shaped pencil bag.

Advent Doodle Challenge

Aside from making a bullet journal for Christmas, one thing that I’ve been doing for the past few years is an advent calendar of sorts. I give myself 25 Christmas-themed doodle prompts to do one a day as a countdown to Christmas and it is super fun.

This year, I’m running the #BeYourselfXMasDoodleChallenge so if you want to participate in it, make sure to check out my Instagram to see the prompts and use the hashtag so I can see your creations and share them on my stories.

Christmas Day Outfit

Prepping a Christmas day outfit or just using cozy clothes is great for getting into the holiday spirit. Since I live in the Caribbean, I cannot use particularly heat-inducing clothes but I do have a pair of Christmas pajamas that are cozy and light making them super comfortable and perfect for Christmas.

Writing Letters & Postcards

december 2020 letters

I know many people won’t be able to see their loved ones this holiday season. Thanks to technology people can see one another through video calls and such but one thing that I think will be super sweet and thoughtful for this holiday season is writing Christmas letters and postcards. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you could make your own postcards with some coloring tools and cardstock. (Also, make sure you don’t lick the envelope just to be extra careful)

That’s it for today’s blog post.
QOTD: What do you do to get into the holiday spirit?

I hope this blog post was helpful and that you enjoy your Christmas holidays. If you’d like to keep up with the latest content and get access to a free printables library, make sure you subscribe to my weekly newsletter and check out my social media.

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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