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With school and college comes a lot of assignments and responsibilities. I wanted to make sure that I distributed my time nicely so that I could fulfill both my responsibilities and had time to do extra activities that make me happy. Here is how I deal with school time management to be able to work on both my responsibilities as a student and my personal life.

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Schedule Classes

In the first few weeks, I used this schedule template to not only work around my class schedule but to also memorize it. While checking out the schedule and waking up earlier than usual for me, I realized that I like to do my self-care activities before I take my first class. It just sort of helps me start my day on the right foot rather than taking a class as soon as I wake up.

Schedule Routines

Just like my daily morning routine that includes things such as meditating, doing yoga, and reading; there are certain days that I like to dedicate to specific things. For instance, Tuesdays are my self-care days so that means that before setting up big personal projects for that day, I need to consider the fact that that day is for self-care specifically. That’s aside from the classes itself of course.

You can read about my ideal self-care day here.

Check Up on Assignments

Now is the time to make sure that I’m good at deadlines. I jot down all the tests, quizzes, and assignments due I had previously written off in my school calendar. This is just so that I don’t lose track of them.

Time Block Batching Tasks

One thing that has allowed me to not only stay on top of things but ahead of them is batching tasks and complete assignments as soon as possible. I am definitely guilty of leaving things last minute, like just hours before school starts last minute. But I have found that batching tasks has really helped me in staying on track on both school assignments and personal projects.

Daily To-Do List

This has been one of the best things ever in terms of being productive on a daily basis. I love every type of list you could make and have always been a list maker. You can either go super fancy or very simple with a quick list of your to-do lists for the day. You can download the free to-do list template I made at the FREE Printable Library when you subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

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Determine Priorities

The first thing I do before writing a bunch of things on my to-do list is making sure my priorities are at the top of it. This makes me focus on the important tasks rather than the ones that can be done at a later date.

Write Down the Little Things and Habits

Writing down little tasks for the day is especially helpful for me because it makes me feel that I did something throughout the day when I count those little tasks. This in conjunction with bullet journaling helps with maintaining a positive mindset and makes you realize that you do so much more than you think you do.

Those are my school time management tips which I hope you found helpful. I want to clarify that there’s no such thing as perfection and that you don’t have to do everything and it is okay to not stay on top of things all the time, I am not. With the many planners that I use I still find myself in moments in which I don’t want to do a thing until I find my way back to what I want to do. Remember that it is important to care for your body and your mind and prioritize both self-care and self-love.

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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