Loft Bed Accessories for Bed, Shelves and More

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Thanks to the great prices at Facebook Market Place, I was able to get an IKEA loft bed for an amazing discounted price in optimal quality. I know they can be quite the investment and that’s why I recommend you check out Facebook Market Place for a price that fits your budget. Loft beds are convenient if you have a small room like mine. The one I got has a desk with some drawers and a combo of a little shelf and closet below the bed. Here are some of the loft bed accessories I have found helpful when arranging and organizing my room so that everything has a place.

9 Cube Shelf

I’ve had this 9 cube shelf for the longest time due to my addiction to notebooks and books. Since I placed the desk on the side of the bed rather than completely below it, I had a bit of extra space that allowed me to have enough space to work below the bed and put the 9 cube shelf behind me. If you like to have a lot of space to move around while you work you may not want to put the shelf where I put it.

Still, if you have a bit of extra room in your bedroom, I think you will love having this shelf to store your things in. You can add baskets to the blocks and store extra things in it. I use it to store my notebooks, movies and big binders since I have a traditional long shelf to put my books in that fits the tiny space between the little closet the loft bed has and the wall.

Desk Chair

I’m a kid at heart and I love my desk chair with wheels. It is just very versatile to move from one side of the desk to another.

I just remembered one thing I wanted to tell you guys about bed lofts, watch out for your head when you’re getting out from below the desk. Don’t ask…

LED Light Strip

led lights

I wasn’t ready to love these LED lights. If you have a loft bed, you will love them. You see, when I’m working on my desk, the main light of my room doesn’t reach it completely and as I’m working on crafting projects all the time or writing, I need to be able to see while working.

I live in the Caribbean and it gets really hot out here; like really hot. Thanks to the fact that they are LED, they don’t get the room all hot which is helpful when I’m taking a class online and don’t want to have to be sweating like nobody’s business or just because it would be uncomfortable to work while sweating.

Closet Hanger

I have 3 closet hangers, two for clothes, and one for shoes that I use to store toiletries and little bits and bobs here and there. One of the hangers for clothes is in the little closet that the bed loft comes with and it has worked nicely to hold my folded clothes and leaves a little bit of space for hangers.



As you can see by the picture, I’m still setting up my pegboard. I like taking advantage of every little space left in the room to put stuff in. I got a pack of little hooks and pegboard accessories just so that I could make my own organizers with water bottles, cardboard, etc. and hang them with the hooks.

10 Drawer Rolling Cart

rolling cart

If you have a stationery problem like myself, have lots of crafting tools or materials, you will love this rolling cart. I’ve had this one for years and years. If you’d like to see a tour or it, feel free to let me know in the comments down below. I have most of my stationery supplies there, excluding the ones in the desk’s drawers.

Since I arranged this card, every piece of stationery that I own has a place. You name it, and I know where it is.

Stationery Desk Organizer

blog post 8

A couple of months ago I made a DIY desk organizer and have been using it to store papers that I need instantly or random little things that don’t have a designated space in my room. It has everything from file organizers to little stationery drawers. This desk organizer fits perfectly on top of the 9 cube shelf which makes it super easy for me to reach for.

That’s it for today’s post which I hope you found helpful. Are there any small room tips or products you love? If you’d like to keep up with the latest content and get access to the FREE Printables Library, make sure you subscribe to my weekly newsletter and check out my social media.

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