Favorite Journaling Supplies

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I’ve always had a journal or multiple journals of some sort and as the years have progressed, I’ve gone a little bit fancier with my setup and the supplies I use for journaling since I spend a lot of time on journaling making it more of a hobby. Currently, these are my favorite journaling supplies that I’m using at least on a weekly basis.

Writing Supplies

The next 2 pens I use interchangeably for all of my journals depending on my mood.

Erasing Supplies

Coloring Supplies

Love all of these coloring supplies and have them at hand in different colors most of the time.


Gotta have a ruler to do the spreads since I mostly use “table type” designs. Plus, 2 Hobonichi stencils to keep some icons consistent within spreads.


I love checking out new supplies and find new favorites so feel free to share your recommendations in the comments.

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Lots of Love, Patrick.

PS. Some of these supplies you may have already seen on my bullet journal essentials blog post I made a few years ago.

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