Top 5 Things I Love About Online School

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Due to the situation happening around the globe this year, a lot of us students have gone into online school rather than taking classes on campus. As the semester has progressed, I’ve found multiple things I love about online school.

I must mention though that this is my experience in online college right at this moment in time in which we are in the middle of a pandemic. I don’t know how much online school would change if we weren’t.

Freedom of Schedule – Time Management

My favorite thing so far about online school is the freedom of schedule and being able to mostly manage your time however you please.

If you take asynchronous classes this becomes easier as you are able to literally take your classes whenever you want as long as you turn in your work when it’s due.

Even with synchronic classes, the freedom of schedule is amazing thanks to my next point which is sleep.

Since I don’t have to wake up an hour or a few hours previous to class to get to campus, I can simply wake up, check-in into class, and get onto taking notes.

You can take naps in between classes since you are literally at home. The comfort of this is just the best.

Comfortable Setup

When you are at home, you have the opportunity to set up a designated space to study whether it is just a little corner in your house or a whole desk, you can designate a comfortable space to take classes in.

If you want a few recommendations for your desk setup, I made a blog post about tech and organizational supplies for online school. You can also check out my profile to check out the individual products.

Supplies at Hand

One of the things that I’ve noticed while being in online school is that aside from the main supplies like the computer and stuff, I like using a great variety of note-taking tools and when I’m not taking notes, I like to work on crafting projects.

I wouldn’t be able to access all of my supplies nor be able to craft while on campus since you know, not ideal to carry my whole office and crafting supplies with me everywhere.

Online Tools & Resources

I love free online tools and resources. Granted, you can access this whether you are online or on campus. But since starting online school, I’ve been able to try out a bunch of new online tools and resources to compensate for not being able to work on campus.

When it comes to labs, this has been particularly helpful as there are a bunch of resources online to fulfill them.


A lot of expenses come with uni. There is rent, transportation, utilities, etc. When in online school, you save a lot of money on those things.

In my case, I am fortunate enough to stay at home but even if you had to pay rent and utilities, you can save a lot of money in transportation in contrast with having to go on campus.

Also, I reckon that one can also save a bit of money on food since while being at home at all times, you are keener to eating at home rather than fast food or take out.

Make sure to comment down below if you are in online school, what do you love and dislike about online school?

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