Stationery and Crafting Supplies Organization Part 2: Paper Stationery

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Papers… Blank, ruled, graph, dotted… One of my favorite stationery supplies of all time. For the second installment of the stationery and crafting supplies organization series, I will go through my paper stationery organization.

First Part: Stationery and Crafting Supplies Organization Part 1: Crafting Supplies Cart

For the longest time, I had lots of paper everywhere with lists without end. I’m a lister at heart and soul and I would write and rewrite lists over and over again because it is just what I’ve always done.

This brought a little bit of an issue because I ended collecting mountains and mountains of unorganized papers.

Then I went into the decluttering phase, which was quite difficult since I really don’t like to throw away stuff because I think there is always a way to either repurpose it or craft something out of it.

Yet it had to be done and so it was. I’ve been using the same organization system for about a year and it has worked perfectly for my needs so make sure to check it out so that hopefully it can help you with your stationery and crafting supply organization.

Paper Variety Prong Folder

prong folder papers

If you have read either my high school or college backpack blog post, you will know by now that I love prong folders.

I use the sheet protectors to divide the variety of papers whether they are ruled, graph, dotted or blank.

When crafting with paper, there always seem to remain odd pieces of paper that don’t have a use at the moment but can be used eventually.

That’s why I love this prong folder! It is also super convenient when you are on the go and don’t know what sort of paper you want to use so you could just bring a prong folder with a bit of everything.

This prong folder in particular is filled to the top because I use multiple sheet protectors for the same paper types/ templates.

Project Prong Folder

This is my most precious folder. Remember the lists? Well, I have them categorized in sheet protectors inside this prong folder.

I have design ideas, crafting projects, sketches for murals, project lists, etc.

Now no all of them are here because though I did declutter a bunch of paper that I will end up using to make handmade paper, I kept a lot of my lists.

Most of them are stored in a separate folder that is archived on one of my shelves. I don’t reach for it often because I don’t need to though I will hopefully digitalize them soon.

Accordion Folder

This is the major archive. Everything that has to do with college flyers, curriculums, etc. Goes to this folder. I also include past school work that I’ve been keeping for years for one reason or the other.

Each category has a different tab so that everything is neatly organized.

I also have a section for random personal paper memorabilia. I keep it in here so that if at any point I decide to make a crafting project out of them I can reach for them easily without having to scatter the house.

That would be it when it comes to my stationery paper organization. That’s excluding packs of paper that are stored in file organizers when I run out because it’s super important to have backup especially if you are dealing with these types of supplies regularly.

I hope this blog post was helpful and that you have liked this blog post series so far.

QOTD: What is your favorite paper template? (graph, ruled, dotted, blank, etc.)

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