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welcome to be yourself studios!  my name is Sandra Patricia and through be yourself studios I’ll be sharing both creative projects and my journey as a creative building my dream life.  on YouTube you’ll be able to see “docu-series” type videos experimenting with different content creation projects as well as the behind the scenes of those projects.

whilst the content on YouTube will be more produced, the content on the rest of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest will be more “laid back” and in the moment keeping you up to date with any important updates.

here on this website you’ll be able to access any content piece I’ve made from the moment I first launched be yourself studios (blog posts and YouTube videos), and every once in a while a journal entry style blog post going more in depth into my mindset as a creative.

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TN 20240131 from static to active the multiply challenge

From Static to Active: The Multiply Challenge (5x12x100)

These past few months (cough years) have been interesting and after a lot of wandering in the lower parts of the mood graph. I’m finally in a place in which I can be functional. Still, I’ve been kind of MIA and now that “I’m back” in a way, there are...

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hi! my name is Sandra Patricia

I’m a 20 year old content creator from Puerto Rico.

Ever since little I’ve kept myself busy with a large variety of creative projects.  I made lists non-stop and if you gave me paper I could literally make anything from it.  Once I even made a dress out of paper.  Maybe the dress wasn’t a fashion masterpiece but I figured out a way to make it and it was just fun to work on.

I stumbled upon YouTube in my early teenage years and fell in love with it.  Throughout the years I’ve been learning and consuming content from the entertainment industry and it just became a big part of my life.  From movies and tv shows to YouTube videos and books, and from magazines and articles to music and theatre I love it all.

I created Be Yourself Studios to share my journey as a multi-passionate creative, learn more about the entertainment industry by immersing myself in it, and interact with like-minded creatives full on love for the arts (as cheesy as it sounds).

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In this page, you will find all the tools and resources that I use for my website, social media, and business in general.  I go from equipment and plug-ins, to administrative planning tools to manage creative projects.

Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, if you decide to invest in any product or tool I mention and use the link I provide you, I get a small commission and this helps me sustain this website and keep working on creating content for you guys.

free printables!

From planning templates to a self-care workbook, you can check and get them at the free printables page.