December 2020 Life Monthly Planning – Christmas Prep

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Guys! We are literally a month away from Christmas! I cannot believe Christmas is just around the corner. With Christmas, comes a lot of prepping since I always like to make the most out of this lovely holiday. Here is my December 2020 Life Monthly Planning and the last monthly planning session of 2020.

Before setting up goals and tasks for the upcoming month, I like to do a quick review of the past month. You can check out my November 2020 Life Monthly Planning session to see the goals that I set up for this past month.


Since December is quite a special month, I have to do more prepping for it than for other months. One of the main things that I will have to do before the month starts is my Christmas Bullet Journal.

Christmas Bullet Journal

Though I still have space in my 2020 bullet journal, every year, I create a new bullet journal that is fully Christmas themed because I’m extra like that when it comes to Christmas.

Alongside the bullet journal, I will make myself a mini stationery kit. You’ll be able to see the journal and the kit in an upcoming blog post I will make to take you through the whole process of the DIY so stay tuned for that.

Top 5 Goals

Each month, I set at least 5 goals to focus on the month. This month will be no different.

By setting just 5 goals, I make sure that I don’t get overwhelmed by them. There’s going to be a little loophole to this at the end of this planning session because I set up big goals on this section to then break down in my monthly to-do list.

My most recurring goals include journaling and being grateful for which I use my bullet journal with my gratitude log.

Aside from that, I also like to make sure that I’m doing activities that improve both my physical and mental health. For my physical health, I exercise and do yoga; and for my mental health, I try to have at least one self-care day a week and do a variety of self-care activities.

Self-Care Workbook

This month, I won’t be setting up a reading goal as usual since I’m planning to sort of go with the flow in that department. I will read whatever book I pick on whatever day and go on like that while also prepping my 2021 reading goals and books to read list. If you’d like to see a list of a lot of the books that I’ve read, make sure you check out my profile.

2021 Planner Prep

Talking about 2021, I’m kind of a bit behind on creating my planners for it. That includes my 2021 bullet journal and my discbound creative projects planner that I’m on the verge of finishing the design.

BY Studios Rebranding

Talking of designs, I want to do a full rebrand for BY. You may have noticed by now that I changed my domain name from to Hopefully, by the end of 2020, I will have the website fully redesigned.

Christmas Extravaganza

There are a bunch of things that I need to be working on throughout the month in regards to Christmas prep.

I will be working on creating decor and gifts for my friends and family. And yes, I will be sharing with you guys Christmas decor and gifts in an upcoming blog post so also stay on the lookout for that.

Extra Tasks

2020 Review

For the 2020 Review, I will be using my monthly review pages to then summarize them for the year.

2021 Goal Setting

I already mentioned that I need to set up my reading list for 2021 but I also have to work on setting up goals and a plan to accomplish them.

2021 Bullet Journal Setup

Lastly, but certainly not least, I have to do the spreads in my 2021 bullet journal. For that, I have to review the spreads in my 2020 Bullet Journal to see what worked, what didn’t, etc.

In conclusion, this month is filled with big projects that I will make sure to share with you guys as the month goes on. Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet, or are you waiting for after Thanksgiving?

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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