DIY Christmas Bullet Journal Kit

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If you read my December 2020 Life Monthly Planning blog post, you know that every year, instead of using that year’s bullet journal for December, I use a new bullet journal that is used exclusively for this holiday filled month. In this post, I will be sharing with you how I made my DIY Christmas Bullet Journal Kit.

Extra Decor Supplies

First, I would like to share the supplies that I use solely for decorating purposes. You do not need these supplies to create the Bullet Journal kit but if you would like to add little decorative details, feel free to check them out.

Soft Bound Journal

For my 2020 Bullet Journal Setup, I had made a hardcover journal but since I won’t need that much structure for my December Bullet Journal Spreads, I make my December journals softbound. This DIY is fully customizable. If you want more pages you can add them. In my case, I used 8 pieces of 8 1/2 x 11” paper so that I could have 16 sheets in my journal making it a 32-page journal.

Tools & Supplies


  • Take your paper and fold it in half, mark dots from the middle outwards 1 inch apart.
  • Go through each dot with a cutting tool so that you can easily pass the needle at the moment of sewing.
  • Align your papers in packs of four and sew them with a kettle stitch. I learned how to make my own journals with kettle stitching from a tutorial by Sea Lemon on YouTube. This tutorial shows you how to kettle stitch a text block and this one shows you how to use that text block and make a hardcover notebook.
  • Hold the spine tightly with some binder clips or a book press if you have one and go over the spine with some glue.
  • Glue a thin ribbon (or multiple) at the top of the spine to use as your bookmark.
  • Cut some cardstock to use as a cover on the front and back. I made mine 8 1/2 x 5 1/2” as that was the size of my text block.
  • Glue the spine of the text block to a piece of ribbon that’s a bit thicker than the actual spine and proceed to glue the cardstock pieces to the leftover ribbon at each side.
  • Decorate however you want to. In the end, you can use some contact paper if you want to laminate the covers but I didn’t laminate mine as I didn’t think it necessary.

Sticky Note Booklet

This is a very simple sticky note booklet for if you want to carry your favorite sticky notes with you at all times on your stationery kit.

Tools & Supplies


  • Cut two pieces of cardstock 12.5 x 15cm and fold them in half.
  • Staple or sew their spine.
  • Cut the excess on the side.
  • Add sticky notes and decorate.

Christmas Stocking Pencil Case (+Template)

Tools & Supplies


  • Take the template that you can access at the free printables library by subscribing to my weekly newsletter and cut 2 pieces of felt fabric of the full sock and 1 piece of the smaller one as that will act as a pocket.
  • Glue the zipper carefully with hot glue to the top of the big pieces.
  • Put the pieces inside out, including the pocket, and sew the outline leaving the zipper open.
  • The reason why you need to leave the zipper open is that now you need to flip the piece so that you can fold it right up.
  • Glue 1” stripes to the top and add any decor you want.

Now you can proceed to add your favorite journaling supplies to your kit. If you want bullet journal supplies recommendations, feel free to check out my bullet journal essentials blog post or go to my (bullet journal essentials).

I hope you liked this blog post and found it useful. If you recreate any of these DIYs make sure to share them and tag me on social media.

I take this moment to remind you that I’m doing a Christmas Advent Doodle Challenge on my Instagram and you can participate whenever you want using the prompts that I listed. If you do, make sure to use the hashtag #BeYourselfXMasDoodleChallenge so that I can see them and share them on my stories.

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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