Plan With Me | December 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Christmas Extravaganza

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With December, comes what I truly consider the most wonderful time of the year. That’s why, each December, I create a new bullet journal that is used exclusively for this month. Here is my December 2020 Bullet Journal Setup Christmas themed (of course).

This month will have more spreads than any other bullet journal setup I’ve done before just because of the holidays and my excitement for them. Also, I will soon be sharing with you how I made my Christmas stationery kit so stay tuned for that.

You can check out all the tools and supplies I used for this setup in My Bullet Journal Essentials blog post or go directly to my to check out the products themselves.


december 2020 cover

This is completely unnecessary but I made a cover page with a doodled tag to put my name on and to give it a more brand new feel.

Monthly Log, Goals, Quote + To-Do List

december 2020 logs

My monthly log as usual will be used to jot down holidays, appointments, and birthdays. On my Life Monthly Planning session, I set up 5 goals for the month that I will write down on this monthly spread to make sure that I stay focused and on track.

I chose a quote to write down over/beside a simple Christmas tree I colored in.

Since it’s December aka Christmas aka the last month of the year to prep for the next year, I made a bigger to-do list section.

School/ Life Calendar

december 2020 calendar

Tasks and projects that I have due for any certain day throughout the month will be put on this calendar.

I will also use this as my usual school calendar with my usual color-coded key.

Habit Log & Trackers

december 2020 trackers

I love this spread! I have my personal habit tracker on top. Moving onto my learning tracker to then having my task tracker for all recurring tasks.

On the sidebar, I have my gratitude log as it is of great importance to me to be grateful and have a positive outlook as much as I can.

To decorate this spread, I doodled a candy cane on the header and Christmas ornaments on the footer.

Christmas Doodle Countdown

december 2020 doodle calendar

Every year on Christmas, I create a doodle advent calendar of sorts that I color in as the days pass.

This year, I will be hosting a doodle challenge on my Instagram so if you are interested in checking that out make sure to check out my profile and use the hashtag #beyourselfxmasdoodlechallenge to share your doodles, paintings, or anything you do using the prompts I give you.

I will be using this doodle challenge to practice drawing digitally so please don’t feel pressured to be perfect or anything like that. Do whatever you want and just have fun with this challenge.

Christmas Gifts + Crafting Projects

december 2020 gifts

This spread is pretty self-explanatory, by the end of the week, it will be filled with gift ideas for my loved ones including the crafting projects that I need to work on for next year like my 2021 planners.

Letters to Write

december 2020 letters

I love the idea of letters and sending them on this lovely holiday. I want to write letters/ postcards of gratitude to my loved ones just as an extra lil’ detail for the holidays.

25 Movies Until Christmas

december 2020 movies

One of the things that I love the most about Christmas is all the Christmas movies that have and keep coming out this season. I will do my best to share my list of movies on my Instagram so make sure to keep a lookout for that.

Weekly Goals

december 2020 weekly goals

Last but certainly not least, is the weekly goals spread. I left the last week of the year out because for that week I’ll just go with the flow.

The to-do lists that are inside the ornaments will be Christmas related while the ones inside the box will be personal and school-related.

Ok, so those were a lot of spreads in one go. Make sure to comment down below if you’ll be participating in the doodle challenge and what are your favorite Christmas movies.

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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