What’s in my Backpack? Second Senior Semester Edition

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As my senior year comes to an end on this second semester, I found fitting to have a record of my essentials as I have gone through my school years so that I can see the difference between my school and university essentials as I go through this phases of life.


high school backpack

From the beginning, I have always used the same brand of backpacks because I have always found that the quality of the backpacks is just what I needed to hold everything that is needed to hold and last as long as one could imagine. I don’t know if you guys know of the TOTTO brand, but I have used this brand for all of my life and the only reason that I have gotten so many backpacks is because I love many of their designs but till this day, I have my backpack from second grade and is still ready to go. This is the one I’ve been using since last year and I love how I could store all of my stuff in its many pockets.


high school notebooks

The main supply in my backpack that I make use out of is my notebooks. I customized these last year and since they still have pages to last through this semester I will be using them again.

The Moana little drawing you see in the bottom right corner I made following this tutorial.

Prong Folder and Pentagram Notebook

prong folder pentagram notebook

I love the functionality of this folder. I have had my organization system since eleventh grade and it has been the best thing ever. As a prong folder, it holds sheet protectors and I put a sheet protector for each class and club I’m part of so that I can organize all of my papers because I have never been the best at keeping all my papers glued in my notebooks.

I have a pentagram notebook because I find it easier to play songs in my piano while reading it from the pentagram rather than reading it from the song itself in letters. It just helps me to know how to place my fingers in case I don’t know the cord on my keyboard.

Bullet Journal

bullet journal in backpack

My bullet journal has always been essential for me so I keep it in my backpack with my notebooks. If you are interested in trying the bullet journal planning system make sure to check out the blog post I made on how I started a bullet journal with my recommendations and if you want to see my bullet journal setup, check out my 2020 bullet journal and January setup.

Pencil Bag

pencil bag high school

I found this bag while I did my end of year room declutter in 2018 and I figured it would be really good to use as my pencil case to organize all of my “messy” supplies. I believe it’s supposed to be used for toiletries or makeup but since I don’t need it for that, I decided to use it as my pencil case. I will try to find a link for you of it or something similar if you are interested in getting it. Here is more of a pencil case that also has compartments for your supplies.

In this pencil case, I got coloring pencils for my bullet journal color-coded key and to use at school subjects because I am sometimes required to color in special assignments at school. I also have erasable highlighters to mark important things in my notes or daily assignments and sticky notes to drop notes here and there. And just in case, extra writing supplies for when I loose mine or any classmate has lost his/her pencil.

At Hand

little supplies high shool

On the little front pocket of my backpack I put my scissors, calculator for physics equations and a glue stick because, as I said, I’m not the best at gluing my papers and the faster I can reach the glue stick, the better.


Throughout the day I like to drink water. That’s why I have a water bottle holder and a water bottle that I put in the freezer throughout the night so that I have cold water while I’m at school. I also carry a little cutlery set I got from amazon with straws so that in case I decide to bring food from home that day or get snacks at school I have a straw and don’t need to use a plastic one.


high school essentials

The second to last thing in my backpack is my little bag with feminine products because as a girl, you could never be too prepared. I have used this little bag I got gifted from Kipling as my feminine products bag since always and is just handy to have.


high school umbrella

Now, last but not least in my backpack, is my umbrella. It is just essential for every day and I don’t want to get rained over and then sick.

Purse/ Handbag

I love purses even more than I love backpacks and that’s saying a lot. I always bring a purse to school to hold the things that I need at hand all of the time. I don’t usually use the same purse throughout the semester but it is always a crossbody because I find them the most convenient to carry around the school with my backpack.


high school tech

I have my phone and iPod as well as earphones for anytime that I have a free period or when I have my music class and I need to listen to a song to analyze it or work on a song.


high school kleenex

Kleenex is and always will be essential for me and nobody is paying me to say that I just genuinely love them. I have one pack in my purse and two extra packs in my backpack so that I can lend them to my classmates or anyone who needs them.

Little Essentials

little essentials high school

I also carry a chapstick to keep my lips hydrated and a hand sanitizer to keep my hands cleaned. I carry a nail file to care for my nails in case they break and my coin purse in which I hold a little bit of cash or coins so that I can buy snacks at school like a bag of chips or cookies and stuff like that.

Stationery Bits

You may be wondering why I have a ruler in my purse and that is the same reason why I have a pencil clasped to my purse’s flap and that is because I like to have them at hand all the time and since I’m a crafty girl, I like to brainstorm for crafts and stationery at lunchtime or anytime I’m free and need to have my ruler just in case I need to plan measurements or use it in my bullet journal. The other little things I like to carry are the little notebook I used last year as my school bullet journal, just in case I don’t have time to reach for the big one. Eraser and writing utensils for when I’m too lazy to reach for my backpack. And, my sunglasses though I mostly carry them hanging up on my shirt or an outside pocket of my purse.

There you have what’s in my backpack as well as what’s in my purse for my senior year’s second semester. If you are interested in what I have in my purse for my every day and going out bag make sure to comment down below. Also, make sure to subscribe to my email list and follow me on social media to get notified every time a new piece of content gets published as well as more fun content like this. Question of the day: What is the most essential thing for you to carry in your purse or backpack?

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Xoxo, Patrick

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