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What’s in my College Backpack?

what's in my college backpack?
I know these are weird times in the world and now in back to school season, some schools are doing on-campus classes while others are online. Mine is going to be online but as the extra person that I am, I still wanted to prep my backpack as if I was going on campus since I wanted to show you what’s in my college backpack for those of you who are going to take classes online. To give you a little bit of context this will be my first semester as a freshman college student so if you are in another grade, some of these supplies might not apply to you at all. I made a what’s in my backpack post for when I was a high school senior at the beginning of this year if you are interested in checking it out.

DIY Magazine Purse

When I was little, I used to go to a crafting summer camp. There I learned to do a bunch of things; I wanted to share one of those things with you today. This is one of those DIYs that are affordable to make yet they require a bit more work than usual. I hope you enjoy and find value in learning how to make this DIY magazine purse. Yes, you heard it right, a purse made out of magazine paper.