Stationery and Crafting Supplies Organization Part 1: Crafting Supplies Cart

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As a crafter and stationery lover, one thing I’ve struggled with throughout the years is organization. I would collect and collect supplies with no end and have no organization system set up for me to store them. If you are a fellow crafter, in this blog post series, I will be sharing with you how I organize my stationery and crafting supplies. For this first part, I will be showcasing my good old crafting supplies cart.

I’ve had this 10 drawer rolling cart for years but just last year, I was able to figure out an organization system for my room, desk area, and supplies.

I am the school supply store at my house. It may seem like a lot but it is more than 10 years worth of supplies I’ve been accumulating because it is my duty as a crafter to collect supplies.

Drawer 1

drawer 1

In the first drawer, I have all of the writing tools and pouches that have been lost and after a major decluttering I store them all in containers I made from cereal boxes.

I have it organized by type: pencils, black pens, blue pens, markers and highlighters, and a little container for erasers and another for pen drives.

Drawer 2

drawer 2

I have a whole drawer for different types of sticky notes and sticky notes only. Notepads are stored in another box.

You may be thinking, isn’t that and an excessive amount of sticky notes. And my response to that is that you could never have too many sticky notes.

Drawer 3

drawer 3

This drawer is called the accessory tools a.k.a. not quite miscellaneous stuff.

It is mostly filled with sewing and binding tools. I also have toothpicks for when I want to work on magazine beads and little plastic bags that I like to reuse.

Drawer 4

drawer 4

The coloring and supplies drawer is filled with the coloring supplies that I don’t reach for often and the painting tools that I do reach for often.

It is sort of like a backup drawer without being the official back up drawer because yes, I do have a backup drawer.

Drawer 5

drawer 5

I don’t know how to call this drawer put its function is to store felt fabric and foam sheets because I tend to reach for those for a lot of my crafting projects.

I also put my hot glue there since I tend to use hot glue for my felt fabric projects.

Drawer 6

drawer 6

I love this drawer to bits. It is the official backup drawer.

I have cutting tool replacements, my favorite writing tools, and a few coloring supplies because there’s nothing worst than running out of your everyday pen in your bullet journal and not having a backup for it.

Drawer 7

drawer 7

This is my most colorful drawer. It has all the ribbon and thread relating supplies (well, as much as I was able to fit in since some of it is on the third drawer).

It has the thread for kumihimo and embroidery as well as the discs for kumihimo.

Drawer 8

drawer 8

You always have to have something to put miscellaneous stuff and that is what this drawer is for. Everything that doesn’t fit in any of the drawers because it just doesn’t or is too random, I put in this drawer.

Drawer 9

drawer 9

This is the backup drawer for if the backup drawer fills up. There’s really nothing else to it. Most of the time it is empty.

Drawer 10

drawer 10

The painting drawer holds both acrylic and watercolor paints. The reason why I put them at the bottom is that they are quite heavy and I don’t want to put that much weight in the top drawers.

I hope this blog post was helpful and it got you ideas for ways to organize your supplies. I’ve been using this organization system for almost a year and it has truly been the best thing I could’ve done to organize my supplies.

The second part of this series will be about my paper organization. I also have a few drawers on my desk. If you want me to show you how I organize those, let me know in the comments down below.

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