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As you may know by now my theme for February is self-care and love. I already did a post on how to create a comfort and positivity box and now, I will be downsizing my comfort kit more carry on friendly so that you have something to reach throughout the day. These are all of my self-care kit essentials to carry around along so that I can reach for them when I’m not feeling my best at any point in the day.

Journal/ Activity Book

I love journaling and for that reason, I carry my bullet journal everywhere because I have everything I need in just one place. I have my bullet journal to get my life together and to journal and when I need to and record my day to day life. If I need to get my thoughts out or to plan things out when I’m feeling overwhelmed with life. I made a whole blog post on the planners and journals I’m gonna be using in 2020.

A lot of places sell little coloring and activity books for children and I think they are really good to fill out as an activity to entertain yourself and get distracted.

You also may consider carrying a simple journal to do some gratitude and traditional journaling or honestly anything you want so that you continue your day feeling better than before. I packed a little blank notebook that is Christmas themed because you could never have too much Christmas and the little activity books that I already mentioned.

Lip Balm

This is sort of a comfort thing to have with you at all times because when you are not feeling your best you don’t need to add dehydrated lips to feel worse.

Aromatherapy Scent

You can maybe carry an essential oil or one of those aromatherapy scent creams that are popular out there. They can be grounding when you use them.

Kleenex/ Tissues

You guys already know that I like to carry everywhere because they are so useful in your day to day and the reason that I also carry it in my On-the-go self-care kit is because they come quite handy when you are not feeling your best and need to wipe up some tears or just blow your nose. Either way, they are useful.

Writing Utensil

You need a writing utensil and maybe some coloring tools if you are going to use a journal and/or an activity book.

Journaling Quote Cards

I think journaling cards are a good way to go when you don’t want to carry around a journal and still have a place to write on. It is also great when you create journaling cards (which can be made with blank index cards and any coloring supplies you may have) with motivational quotes in them to get a ray of positivity and motivation in journaling cards. If you don’t feel like creating your journaling cards, I made a whole workbook dedicated to self-love and self-care and in it, I included a whole page of journaling cards just for you so that you can print them out and use them as you wish.

Self-Care Workbook

I hope you found this blog post helpful and if you decide to make an On-the-Go comfort and positivity kit feel free to comment down below what are your must-haves in it in case I didn’t mention it. If you want to take your self-care and love to the next level, I recommend you to check out the workbook I made surrounding self-love and care and how to develop a self-care routine, creating comfort and positivity box, etc. You can get the workbook once you subscribe to our email list. Also, by subscribing to our email list you will be receiving weekly newsletters on the content posted on the blog and any important announcements regarding it.

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
xoxo, Patrick.

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