DIY Comfort and Positivity Box

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Sometimes, when things get a bit out of control or just when we need an outlet for our emotions, it is convenient to have something to reach for when we don’t know what to do and bring comfort to our lives and remind ourselves everything beautiful that there is and set that ray of sunshine in our day. That’s why I made myself a comfort and positivity box that I wish to share with all of you. For the ones who don’t know what a comfort box is let me give you a little description. A comfort box is a box, bag or container of sorts in which you put a selection of things that bring you comfort and guidance for when you are not feeling your best emotionally.

Now, as you can get from the description, a comfort box is something personal to the one that is making it as he or she is the best person to tell what soothes them and makes them think more positively. In this post, I will show you what I put in mine and what I consider helpful for when I’m not feeling my best. I also use this box when I need a bit of self-care and have things to do just to comfort myself.

Before starting, I recommend you make a little brainstorm of all the little things that make you happy and how can you represent them in your box visually or in any other sense you find comforting.


comfort box

The first thing I got was the box. You could use whatever you want whether it is a bag or box or anything really to hold the stuff you want to put in your comfort kit. I chose this one I found at the dollar store because I thought it was perfect in terms of size and I could display it in my room and it would look as if it were part of the decoration. In case you don’t find a box with a design you like, you could decorate it yourself with pictures, journaling cards, etc.



self care distraction

I think play-doh or slime is a great thing to have in your comfort box because it gives you something to do with your hands when you are anxious and don’t know what to do. It does not only bring you comfort when it comes to doing something but when you use play-doh, you can also build things and create shapes and it is a great way to distract yourself. For the box, I made a little mixture of different colors of play-doh and put it in a small little frask made for creams and toiletries.


Along with entertaining comes puzzles. They require quite a bit of focus and when you finish one, it is very satisfactory to see the finished product. Also, when choosing the puzzle, think about if you get frustrated with too many puzzle pieces or if it helps you to have so many puzzle pieces because it requires a bigger amount of focus. I recently found while going through old stuff, this puzzle notebook that has a bunch of entertaining stuff in it and when I went through it didn’t have any page filled so I guess I’ve had it all this time to finally use it and put it in my comfort box.

Coloring/ Activity Book

Coloring and activity books are great for entertaining purposes. I have two books in my box for that. I consider the puzzle and trivia notebook an activity book as well as the thin Frozen activity book that I got for like a dollar and it came with stickers and everything and Imma stop right here with the fangirling. There are a lot of activity books out there in the market and a lot of great journaling workbooks. I have the positivity kit but I didn’t put it in my box and forgot to take a photo of it. I think it is a great book to get that is filled with awesome creative journaling prompts and pages to fill out that just makes you have a more positive mindset. The only reason why I haven’t used it is that is too pretty and I just take the layout of the page and replicate it in whatever current journal I’m using.

Galaxy Bottle or Snow Globe

Galaxy bottles are soothing when it comes to when you are anxious. The thing that’s soothing about it is that after you shake the bottle, then you focus on watching the glitter fall and concentrate all your thoughts on it. Instead of a galaxy bottle, I put a little Christmas Snow Globe because it the thought of Christmas and the holidays just make me happy and again, I’m gonna stop fangirling over it because I could talk about the loveliness of Christmas and Winter forever.

Quotes/ Motivational Song Lyrics

journaling cards

I added quotes throughout my box and the things that I put in it. I also did some journaling cards with motivational quotes and song lyrics in it for me to look at. If you want to get already made journaling cards, I made a self-care workbook which you can get by subscribing to my email list and that has a whole page with journaling cards that you can print out and put in your box or decorate around your room.

Fidget Cube

I don’t personally own a fidget cube but I know a lot of people find it helpful and it is definitely on my wish list. It is something small that you can carry everywhere with you in your pocket or a purse and I think that it would be a nice thing to have when you get a little bit anxious throughout your day.

Pictures of Loved Ones and Good Memories

I like having photos with good memories and loved ones just so I am reminded of all the people that I love and love me back. One of my best friends made me an album of all of our friends with foam and I honestly cannot love it more. It was a super special gift and I have it on my dresser to look at every single day.

Journals and Stories

Decade Dream Folio

journals and books

I like to have my dream folio in my comfort box so that I am reminded of all the things I want to do in life and get motivated to do them. I made a whole blog post on my new decade dream folio DIY and Set Up.

Story Book

I added a little storybook for me to read when I need a bit of self-care and distraction. In any case, I could also reach for my bookshelf if I want to read a longer book or a novel because the one I put in my box is a shortened version of one.

Self Care Journal

  • Playlist= Music is one of the best things out there to get inspired, happy and relaxed. Make sure to comment down below your favorite songs to listen to for when you are not feeling your best.
  • Self-Care Activities= I have a whole list of self-care activities as like I mentioned, this box is not only to reach for when I’m not feeling my best but also to be reminded to do some self-care activities. If you want to know what sort of self-care activities I like to do, make sure to subscribe to my email list to get notified on what week that post will come our or check out my social media. You can also check the list in the Self Love and Care Workbook I made for you to get once you subscribe.
  • Creative Journaling Prompts Brainstorm= Lastly in my journal, I have a list of creative journaling prompts because I love both painting, crafting and writing. Last week, I posted a whole blog post on self-care creative journaling prompts.


You may know by all the posts I’ve created that I love journaling and stationery supplies. I have a little ruled journal in my box for when I need to write out all my feelings and thoughts. If you want to see the journals and planners I have been using for this year, make sure to check out my 2020 Planner and Journal Line Up.


little self care essentials


They are great to have when you need to let go of those tears and wipe them up to detox yourself because crying is okay, we are all humans and we have emotions.

Teddy Bear

I just have a teddy bear to squeeze and to look at since the thing is so fluffy that it makes me happy just to look at its cute face. As a kid, I never was a fan of Barbie dolls but get me a teddy bear and I just can’t help myself from loving it; I have a bunch setup up on my bed and I just can’t get myself to get rid of them.

Lip Balm

I always have to carry a lip balm everywhere so I just have one in my box to hydrate my lips. You may be able to see from the picture that this one had a little accident in my purse with the ink of a pen that went wild.

Hand Cream

I use an aromatherapy cream just so that I can enhance my smelling sense when feI el like it.

Letters to Self

letters to self

I wrote myself some open when you feel like [blank] letters to open up and give myself some pep talks.

Paints & Art Supplies


I carry blank pieces of cardstock for me to art journal or paint on, coloring pencils and writing utensils to write in my journal. The specific supplies I have in my box are Crayola Coloring Pencils, and the Pentel RSVP fine ballpoint pen in blue ink because that is my favorite pen to write with. Some of the supplies that I have on the photo aren’t in my box, like the watercolors and acrylic paints, but I always have them close by in my drawers to reach for when I want to paint, craft or draw.

So that’s it for my comfort box/self-care box. Remember that this is just what I put in my box and you may need different things in your depending on your taste. Also, remember to check out the workbook surrounding self-love and care that you can get as soon as you subscribe to my email list. If you like this type of post and want to see more fun content, I encourage you to subscribe to receive weekly newsletters on the posted content as well as my social media.

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
xoxo, Patrick

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