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How to Have a Peaceful Day

How to have a peaceful day
As a way to celebrate the National Day of Relaxation, I wanted to show with you my favorite things to do to have a peaceful day. These different tasks allow me to have a peaceful day filled with productivity which is why I try my best to implement them in my day to day though there are still times in which slumps take over me and I don’t do them. This is my take on how to have a peaceful day.

Self-Care Ideas

Self-Care is a thing that often ends up in the backlist of people thought it is really important to keep up and maintain in your day to day. That’s why I decided to dedicate this whole month to self-care and self-love so that maybe we could all start and maintain our journey in taking good care of ourselves and live a more positive and fulfilling life. In this blog post, I jot down self-care ideas for four individual categories. I hope you find these ideas helpful and useful to have amazing self-love and care days.

On-the-Go Comfort Kit

As you may know by now my theme for February is self-care and love. I already did a post on how to create a comfort and positivity box and now, I will be downsizing my comfort kit more carry on friendly so that you have something to reach throughout the day. These are all of my self-care kit essentials to carry around along so that I can reach for them when I’m not feeling my best at any point in the day.

DIY Comfort and Positivity Box

Sometimes, when things get a bit out of control or just when we need an outlet for our emotions, it is convenient to have something to reach for when we don’t know what to do and bring comfort to our lives and remind ourselves everything beautiful that there is and set that ray of sunshine in our day. That’s why I made myself a comfort and positivity box that I wish to share with all of you. For the ones who don’t know what a comfort box is let me give you a little description. A comfort box is a box, bag or container of sorts in which you put a selection of things that bring you comfort and guidance for when you are not feeling your best emotionally.

5 Self-Care Creative Journaling Prompts

I have been doing some creative journaling here and there since the end of last year and found it to be one of the most calming and entertaining things to do when I’m feeling overwhelmed by life or just want to do a creative outlet activity. As I have sort of themed this month surrounding self-love and care, I decided to create 5 self-care creative journaling prompts keeping up that theme. I recommend you try some creative journaling yourself and keep in mind that there are no rules or guidelines when journaling. I will be giving you these prompts in case you don’t know where to start but once you do, you will have a whole world of creativity to work around.