How I Plan For Crafting Projects

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I love crafting and just creating new things out of others. It is one of my favorite creative outlets since you have full freedom of the customization of the thing you are creating. The thing is, that I not only love crafting, but I also like to prepare for any crafting projects I want to work on. All of the crafting projects I have shared on blog posts have had planning and prepping behind them. I wanted to share how I plan for crafting projects in case anyone out there is interested in finding a way to prep and organize their crafting projects.


The tools I’ll be using are my bullet journal and a few of my bullet journal essentials. And the project I will be working on for this post is my bullet journal for 2021 as I like to make my own journals.

The crafting projects that I like to plan out are mostly within the next few months and that’s why I use my bullet journal for the current year to plan for them. All of my long term project ideas are housed in Notion since it’s the main tool I use for digital planning.


I first just name whatever the crafting project is. In this case, is my 2021 bullet journal notebook.


After getting what the project is, I like to go a bit further and map out the details of the project. The notebook is the size, style, paper, etc. For bigger projects such as the DIY desk organizer I made not so long ago, I sketch out the overall design and the measurements of each piece.


As you can see, I have not officially decided what design I want to have for my 2021 bullet journal and I will probably not have it till the moment I start working on it since it is something that’s going to be painted.

Tools and Supplies

Besides the specs, I have the tools and supplies I will be using for this specific project. I try my best to use the tools and supplies I own and if there’s something extra that I think I need I will most likely try to find an alternative before getting it.


In most of my projects, I don’t put a budget as I like to reuse leftovers and since I never throw anything away, I always have scraps of whatever it is that I need for new projects.

The DIY desk organizer was mostly made with cardboard from packaging and old magazine paper so I didn’t have to spend a dime on it.

I like to include a little budget for the projects that do have a necessary spend like this one in terms of the paint I want to use and the good thing about it is that I can use that paint for many more crafting projects to come.


project plan

I love any excuse to make a list. Lastly in my planning process for my crafting projects is my step by step checklist. The reason why I make this list is so that I feel there’s progress. This just helps me see where I’m at for that project when I have a lot going on at the same time.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Make sure to let me know in the comments if you have any sort of planning process for your crafting projects. Also, what’s your favorite crafting supply?

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  1. Great blog about Crafting!! I also myself like to prepare and have in hands all the material and tools before starting any project.👍😊

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