Bullet Journal Setup for College Students 2020

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My first semester as a college student is right around the corner I want to make sure that I have everything set up in my bullet journal to have a successful semester. From now on, I will be adding college-related spreads in my bullet journal but first, I need to do the spreads that are going to get me started. This is the beginning of my bullet journal setup for college students.

I don’t know about you guys but in my case, I will be taking online classes due to the situation happening in the world right now. Still, these spreads can be used whether you are taking classes on campus or online.

Important Dates & Goals

college goals spread

The first spread is my important dates and goals page. Here I will be jotting down important dates divided into 3 categories: personal (for personal goals), school (for project deadlines), and social (for birthdays and national holidays). I already have something like this from my 2020 bullet journal setup but in that one, I didn’t include as much space for future planning.

Favorite Meals & Recipes

college favorites

I want to make sure that I take this time at home to learn new recipes. I divided this spread in the different meals of the day with my favorites and recipes I want to learn how to cook. Every time I don’t know what to eat or cook, I can just reach for this spread and will have the list at hand.

Before we get to the next spread I quickly want to mention that since I’m creating bullet journal spreads for college students, I decided to make a free printable college planner to use for this semester. The printable will soon be available to my newsletter subscribers’ free printables library. Stay tuned on social media or subscribe to the weekly newsletter to get to it as soon as its available.

Weekly Schedule

college schedule

My schedule will change quite a bit because I will take classes at different times on different days of the week and I want to make sure that I don’t miss a lesson so that’s why I created this weekly schedule page. The reason why I included the 7 days of the week is that I want to create a routine of sorts for the free time slots in between classes and what I’m planning to do on the weekends to get ahead and keep myself on track.

Class Information

college class info

Next, I included a page for each class’s important information like the code of the class and information about the professor for any questions on office hours. For some reason, I also added the classroom even though I won’t be attending one. I think I added it in because I included it in the printable I’m making for you guys.


college essentials list

Stationery is a big part of my life as dramatic as that sounds. I think I’ve had my college stationery list for years at this point but since I will be taking online classes, I made some tweaks here and there to it and added a section for workspace layout since my desk will become my classroom.

Books & Resources

college resources

Professors will probably ask for books to take the classes and I want to keep a list of them as soon as I know what the books will be. I made columns for the title, the author, the class, and the source of the book if it is going to be bought online or I can get it from the school’s digital library.

Below is a resources table for any resource recommendations I get online which I will probably find on Pinterest.

That’s it for the spreads in my bullet journal setup for college students. If you’d like to see more college-related content like this, make sure you subscribe to my weekly newsletter and check out my social media.

Question of the Day: Will you be taking classes online or on campus?

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