DIYs for Stress and Anxiety Relief

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Hi Guys! At times of high stress and anxiety, I like to do certain types of DIYs for stress and anxiety relief. You may realize that some of the DIYs I will be mentioning I’ve done previously on other posts. That’s how you know I truly love making them.

Crafting and doing creative stuff like painting or building new things is something that helps me relieve stress and anxiety. These are my personal preferences for when it comes to doing easy and relaxing DIYs for when I’m not feeling my best and overwhelmed with life in general.

Kumihimo Jewelry

stress kumihimo

You saw this DIY on my Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas blog post. This is the type of DIY I like to do when I’m feeling anxious and feel the need to create something with my hands.

I look like a little machine making a bunch of bracelets and keychains. Also, I don’t tend to use complicated patterns; I just do the simplest one and go and make a bunch of them while watching a movie or a TV show just to get my mind out of the things that are making me feel anxious or stressed.

I use a kumihimo disk, ribbon, scissors and my crafty hands to make this simple and relaxing DIY.

I mentioned bracelets, for about 5 years I’ve been using the same two bracelets and they help me find comfort for those times when I’m not feeling too great. One of them is a Pandora bracelet and the other one is a plastic one I make and change every two years.

Crochet Bags

I do love learning new creative things to do. Another thing I had in my Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas, was this little crochet flower bag. I made it the flower watching this tutorial and just used felt fabric and sewed the body of the bag.

This is great to put your on the go comfort kit if you have one, or just something to learn when you are bored and anxious because you are bored.

Comfort Box

comfort box

Creating a Comfort Box is something that I decided to make in February. This comfort box holds a bunch of supplies and things to do. I created it for me to reach for in those times when I just need to concentrate on a specific thing and set up a positive mindset.

If you’d like to make one and don’t know where to start, I have a blog post all about it and a self-love and care workbook that you can get for free by subscribing to my weekly newsletter.


I didn’t make the play-doh itself, but I mixed a couple of colors and created a little play-doh ball and put it in a little plastic container and have it always in my comfort box.

The thing that I love about play-doh is that you can form a great variety of shapes with and it’s just really fun.

Creative Art Journal

This is not a stationery DIY itself like I’ve done so many times before. I do love creating my stationery with supplies I have at home but the thing I will be talking about is what I put inside the pages of this little journal.

The pages become a DIY on itself when you work on them.

This is my most recent DIY discovery. As I’ve been at home all the time, I’ve been finding different ways to keep myself busy with creating and learning from what’s already out there in terms of art.

One day I found myself really bored and I just can’t deal with boredom so I picked up this little journal and started gluing little pieces of paper and using my Crayola super tip markers, coloring pencils, and my gel pens to decorate the pages of the journal.

I began making spreads about the things that have happened throughout the past few weeks that have been both positive and fun. It is sort of like an accomplishment journal.

I talk art journal about the tv shows, movies, and documentaries I’ve watched.

I also have been focusing my time on learning new stuff and taking a bunch of free courses online about all the things that I’m interested in.

I hope you found this blog post helpful and that you are healthy both physically and emotionally.

Throughout February I made a couple of blog posts all about self-care and made a workbook about them. If you’d like to get the workbook, make sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Also, for more content like this, check out my social media. What are your favorite things to do or craft when you are not feeling your best emotionally?

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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