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In one of my previous posts, I mentioned how much I love language learning. These past few years I’ve been studying Korean. I made a post on How I Started Learning Korean and Recommendations for Language Learning with a list of all the free tools and resources online that I use to study and learn Korean. Aside from the digital tools, I use three Korean language learning notebooks to track my progress and study in a way that’s functional and fun at the same time. Without further ado, let’s head into the notebooks I use for Korean language learning.

Language Learning Tracker and Log

The first notebook I will mention, which is the one I use the most, is an insert in my webster’s pages traveler’s notebook. I use this notebook daily because aside from my main habit tracker in my bullet journal, I need to fill in a log of daily Korean learning in this journal. This journal has both lists and trackers for me to keep track of my overall Korean learning.

Talk To Me In Korean Lesson Tracker

TTMIK Lesson Tracker

If you read one of my previous posts talking about how I started learning Korean in which I mentioned a bunch of free resources online, you will remember that one of the resources is Talk To Me In Korean.

They are an amazing resource for learning the language and I talk all about why in that post. I personally take the lessons in the app (android & apple) and created a simple tracker in which I write the number of the lesson at the corresponding level once I’ve taken it with a gel pen.

Monthly Log for Study Recording

daily and drama log

I got this idea from this video from Sunshine and Stationery on YouTube. You basically do a bullet journal styled monthly log and with a color-coded key, log the type of learning you’ve been doing throughout the month.

I use the Crayola super tip markers and do a little bar beside the date so that I can see at a glance in which way I’ve been spending my time studying. For instance, If I see that most of the time has been spent listening and watching, I will assume that I only “studied” watching K-Dramas and listening to K-Pop which is no good. The categories I use are: read, listen, write, study (lessons), talk, plan study, and level review.

K-Drama Lists

kdrama list

I recently created these pages to list out the dramas I want to watch. Throwbacks are the dramas that I have already watched and want to watch again. And “to checkout” are the dramas that I’m interested in or have been recommended. For instance, my friend recommended me Reply 1988 and I will be putting that drama in my list so that I can keep it in mind.

K-Drama Reviews

I still haven’t made up my mind on this section but since all the previous ones take so little space, I decided to review dramas in this insert. For that, I will be creating a star-based review guide to review dramas in different aspects because I like to make things complicated like that. I will make sure to keep you updated on social media.

Note Taking Journal

I have a laboratory jean notebook that I use to take notes on the lessons I take on Talk To Me In Korean. I like to take notes when I’m both listening to the podcast and to copy the PDF the offer with the lessons. I also take a bunch of notes in general so this is a note dumping journal for Korean.

Language Review & Future Reference

As I keep taking a bunch of lessons, I don’t want to forget the main things of each lesson or things that are used on a day to day basis. This is the “fancy language journal”. I only add the main things in a pretty matter as if it were a Korean reference book filled with the main categories of the language like the alphabet, word tenses, marking particles (in Korean), and the structure of sentences.

I use this journal every time I finish a few lessons to review the level bit by bit and have a quick reference point. Because the note-taking journal is not that organized for me to reference effectively when I’m in a hurry or want a quick refresh.

Those are my Korean language learning notebooks that I’ve been using ever since last year and honestly, they are just perfect for what I use them for. I hope you found this blog post helpful and if you would like to stay up to date with the upcoming content, make sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter and check out my social media. Also, let me know down below if perhaps you are learning something new and if you use journals to study?

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  1. I want to communicate with u will u plzz talk to me…aur….i am in the process of learning korean bt i dont know from where to start for making notes means i want a content of notes so by seeing the content i can also make….will u plzz send me your notes????jebal🙏

    • Most of my notes are copies of the PDFs the Talk to Me In Korean Lessons have within them. I copy them and take any extra notes in case I need them so I definitely recommend you check out Talk to Me In Korean.

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