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Plan With Me | November 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Cozy Bookworm Themed

Blog Post 1 November 2020 Bullet Journal Setup
Hi guys! It’s November and you know what that means? We are less than 2 months away from Christmas and I’m freaking out with excitement! I struggled quite a bit with setting up a theme for this month’s bullet journal setup. I went with some sort of combination with books and cozy vibes. Let’s just head straight into this November 2020 Bullet Journal Setup.

Plan With Me | October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Wizarding World of Harry Potter Themed

october 2020 bullet journal setup
My October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup is finally here! This month’s theme is quite different from the ones that I have done previously as they all were quite colorful. This only has pops of colors here and there but not as much as the previous months. I decided to got with a Wizarding World of Harry Potter Bullet Journal theme because I thought it would be fun to spice things up and to see what elements I could bring in from the franchise.

Plan With Me | September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Stationery Themed

september 2020 bullet journal setup
Well, I don’t know about you guys, but for me, August went as fast as the wind. For this August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup, I wasn’t really planning on going with a theme. I picked my supplies with the idea of a minimalistic spread with some color accents here and there. As you can see from the thumbnail of this post, it went differently. September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup's theme turned out to revolve around stationery. I’ll tell you why when we get to my inspiration point.

Plan With Me | August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Monsters, Inc./ University

august 2020 bullet journal setup
August is just right around the corner and you know what that means… A new bullet journal setup! This month's setup turned out to be quite interesting. You see, as the planner girl that I am, I like to prep my layouts in terms of the elements and overall design I want for each spread. This month, I didn’t plan much about the design. I went straight with the main elements and kind of winged it with the theme. As soon as I had something sketched out, I would quickly go over it with a pen and moved on. As I'll be starting college, I decided to go with a Monsters, Inc./ University theme. Here we have my August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup.

FREE College Planner August 2020-December 2020 Printable Flip-Through

college planner
As August approaches, so does the back to school season. I know these are uncertain times but something that helps me stay grounded is planning to whatever extent I can and keeping track of important dates and assignments. For that reason, I created The FREE College Planner Printable. I wanted to give you a full planner printable for you to use throughout this upcoming semester. The great thing about this planner is that it has everything you could possibly need whether you are taking classes online or on campus.

Bullet Journal Setup for College Students 2020

bullet journal setup for college students
My first semester as a college student is right around the corner I want to make sure that I have everything set up in my bullet journal to have a successful semester. From now on, I will be adding college-related spreads in my bullet journal but first, I need to do the spreads that are going to get me started. This is the beginning of my bullet journal setup for college students.

July 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup

planner and journal lineup
At the beginning of the year, I made my 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup. Things have changed quite a bit ever since with me trying out new journals and repurposing others. There were also some journals that I left for the time being because they won’t be relevant for the remainder of the year but still will be reached for at some point eventually. That’s why I decided to make this updated July 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup.

Plan With Me | July 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Moana

July is here! I honestly can’t believe that we are already in the second half of the year. 2020 has been quite a ride so far. In this Plan With Me, you’ll be able to see that I made quite a few changes to my setup. After my review of these past few months, I decided to try new things for my setup without making it complicated. The theme for this July 2020 Bullet Journal Setup is going to be the movie that changed my life, Moana. For the ones who don’t know, July is my birthday month and I wanted to make sure that I selected a proper theme for it. Hope you like it!