September 2020 Life Monthly Planning

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What a month August was. I don’t know about you guys but so many things happened this month for me. Not bad things. It was quite an eventful month in terms of my personal life with the start of my first semester as an online college student and productivity-wise with the setup of new routines and projects done throughout the month. I hope you had an amazing month and that everything went as expected. I know these are very uncertain times and one of the reasons for which I have maintained these planning routines is because of the little things I can sort of control, I want to get a hold of or prepare for. I can’t believe that this is September 2020 Life Monthly Planning Post when 2020 feels like it started yesterday. What an eventful year…

Review Past Month

This month I had a lot of realizations with just who I am and everything to do with college and this website. August has never been the sort of month that goes well mental health wise but for some reason this year was different and I want to make sure that I review that and see the things that I accomplished this month and how I can make a better one of September.

I like to do these reviews for most of the months. The only ones that I don’t review are the ones that were so bad that I just want to let go of them as soon as possible and move onto the next one.

I made a post not so long ago on how I do these monthly planning sessions in case you are interested in checking it out and, if you want me to make a monthly review routine, I could also make a post about that on the future so make sure to let me know in the comment down below.

Thanks to the review that I made from the goals I had set up for August, I realized that I should not set up too many big crafting projects for September as I probably won’t have time to do them all with college and stuff. Maybe I’ll be able to complete one big project and a few smaller ones throughout the month just so that I have some crafting to do.

calendar promo

Setup Bullet Journal

I review how my bullet journal spreads worked and which ones I would be keeping for September. You can see my September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup and check out the spreads and the stationery theme integration I used for this month.

Top 5 Goals

As always, I set up at least 5 goals for each month. First, I will be mentioning the ones that are carried over from month to month.

Journal & Be Grateful

These 2 tasks are done on a daily basis and are of great importance for me to maintain a positive outlook and review my day to day.

Physical & Mental Health Care

For my physical care, I do 10-minute yoga sessions and for my mental health care, I meditate while doing yoga and read at least 30 minutes a day.

BY Maintenance & Improvements

I’m always working on making sure that I keep up with my content calendar and that I always strive towards improving the content or this website, or adding new printables and such for you guys.

Read 7 Books

I love reading. If you want to create a reading habit make sure you check out this blog post with a step by step guide on creating a reading habit.

My TBR for this month consists of:

book review template

Work on 2021 Digital Planners

So… Yep… I’m working on some printable and digital planners that will hopefully be released either at the end of this year or the beginning of 2021. I can’t say much about them. Sorry Not Sorry… Love you guys!

Clean Up Space

As a crafter and just as me, I tend to make a mess everywhere. Here’s the thing, I’m organized when it comes to administrative stuff and planning but when it comes to crafting or working on big projects, I make a mess and at the end of the month, I like to do some rearranging of my workspace just so that I have it as efficiently organized as possible.

Prepping Tasks

BY Planner Setup

If you want to see the planners that I use daily, make sure you check out my July 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup. I use The Happy Planner Expander Discs and Big Punch to create my BY planner. I make templates for each month and fill them in as the month comes by.

Content Plan

I use these templates alongside my Notion setup to prep and plan my content throughout the days, weeks, months, and years. It is my favorite digital planning software because I literally have everything in Notion. It is the most amazingly flexible software I have ever used and love it to bits.

Aside from prepping for creative projects that I cannot show you just yet, that’s pretty much it for this month’s life monthly planning. I hope you liked this blog post and found it helpful.

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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