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November 2020 Life Monthly Planning

Blog Post 2 November 2020 Life Monthly Planning
November… The start of a month that indicates that we are less than two months away from Christmas and two months away from the new year. Am I freaking out a little bit? Maybe… I’m extremely excited for these upcoming two months and this November 2020 Life Monthly Planning because it’s almost Christmas and I can already feel the Christmas spirit and cannot wait for all the crafting projects regarding this amazing holiday season.

September 2020 Life Monthly Planning

September 2020 Life Monthly Planning
What a month August was. I don’t know about you guys but so many things happened this month for me. Not bad things. It was quite an eventful month in terms of my personal life with the start of my first semester as an online college student and productivity-wise with the setup of new routines and projects done throughout the month. I hope you had an amazing month and that everything went as expected. I know these are very uncertain times and one of the reasons for which I have maintained these planning routines is because of the little things I can sort of control, I want to get a hold of or prepare for. I can’t believe that this is September 2020 Life Monthly Planning Post when 2020 feels like it started yesterday. What an eventful year…

Summer Prep & Planning + Free Printable

Summer is just around the corner. In Puerto Rico, you can start feeling the summer just as soon as winter finishes. I am more of a winter kind of person. I just love the vibes and the weather though it doesn’t know, it is a bit less hot than the rest of the year. And, the most amazing thing about winter, at least for me, is Christmas. I just love everything about Christmas, the movies, family, and friends, the holiday food and decorations; just EVERYTHING. But this isn’t a post about me fangirling over Christmas, it is about how I am going to do my summer prep and planning since I consider summer the months of June and July.

June 2020 Life Monthly Planning

If there’s one month for which I have to plan for, it is June. As the first month of summer, I tend to go on a productivity slump with this new season that I’m not such a fan of. I will treat this month as any other setting it up with a plan for success. I will try my extra best to fulfill each and every one of the goals I have in this June 2020 Life Monthly Planning session.

May 2020 Life Monthly Planning

Hi Guys! Back on the schedule is my May 2020 Life Monthly Planning. I will go through all the things that I set up to prep and plan for a new month. I will be setting up my top 5 goals for the month as well as any important creative projects I want to work on. To maintain focus throughout the month, I always set up a maximum of 5 main goals for the month just to make sure that I don’t get overwhelmed a loose track of my priorities. I will jot down these goals, projects and to do’s in my monthly spread in my May 2020 Bullet Journal whose theme is Star Wars as May the Fourth is right around the corner.

2020 First Quarter Review Second Quarter Planning

2020 has been quite an interesting year and I felt that it has gone both fast and slow at the same time. The first quarter of the year is already almost over and I’m kind of just rolling with it because like I said, it has gone quite fast. As you may know, I tend to do monthly preps or planning from the posts I’ve made about it in January, February, and March. And each month I set up my goals for the upcoming month and how I’m planning to achieve them. This year I started it by dividing my yearly goals into quarters and then breaking those goals into monthly goals. I have a lot of things planned for this upcoming second quarter and just thinking about it is stressing me out but at the same time, I’m excited. In May I will graduate from high school and I’m super excited to start a new chapter in my life with university and terrified at the same time. So I’m just gonna stop rambling and head into my first quarter review and second quarter planning.