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Productivity TIPS for Procrastinators (Like Myself)

productivity tips
Not so long ago, I used to waste my time procrastinating (a week ago, more like a year ago, to be honest). I wasn’t in the best place emotionally, not that the amount of productivity you have reflects your mental state but for me, I used to spend hours on end thinking of all the things that I wanted to accomplish and fill myself with anxiety by not doing any one of them. Getting up to make a list became too much and that’s something because I’m a lister through and through; as well as it didn’t help in terms of following the goals that I wanted to accomplish. Throughout the years I spent so much time procrastinating that I’m pretty sure I can get a Ph.D. in procrastination. I hope these productivity tips help you with starting to work on your dreams and projects.

School Time Management

School Time Management
With school and college comes a lot of assignments and responsibilities. I wanted to make sure that I distributed my time nicely so that I could fulfill both my responsibilities and had time to do extra activities that make me happy. Here is how I deal with school time management to be able to work on both my responsibilities as a student and my personal life.