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Plan With Me | August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Monsters, Inc./ University

august 2020 bullet journal setup
August is just right around the corner and you know what that means… A new bullet journal setup! This month's setup turned out to be quite interesting. You see, as the planner girl that I am, I like to prep my layouts in terms of the elements and overall design I want for each spread. This month, I didn’t plan much about the design. I went straight with the main elements and kind of winged it with the theme. As soon as I had something sketched out, I would quickly go over it with a pen and moved on. As I'll be starting college, I decided to go with a Monsters, Inc./ University theme. Here we have my August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup.

How I Plan For Crafting Projects

I love crafting and just creating new things out of others. It is one of my favorite creative outlets since you have full freedom of the customization of the thing you are creating. The thing is, that I not only love crafting, but I also like to prepare for any crafting projects I want to work on. All of the crafting projects I have shared on blog posts have had planning and prepping behind them. I wanted to share how I plan for crafting projects in case anyone out there is interested in finding a way to prep and organize their crafting projects.

Bullet Journal Setup for College Students 2020

bullet journal setup for college students
My first semester as a college student is right around the corner I want to make sure that I have everything set up in my bullet journal to have a successful semester. From now on, I will be adding college-related spreads in my bullet journal but first, I need to do the spreads that are going to get me started. This is the beginning of my bullet journal setup for college students.

How I’m Prepping for My First Semester of Online School

I am officially a college student and before starting, I want to make sure I have everything prepped in terms of stationery and workplace. The university experience is going to be a little bit different than what was expected due to everything going on around the world. The good thing is that we have online and electronic tools to help us start and maintain the intake of education. I thought I would share with you guys how I’m prepping for my first semester of online school and just my first semester in university overall for anyone out there starting online college like me who might find this helpful.

July 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup

planner and journal lineup
At the beginning of the year, I made my 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup. Things have changed quite a bit ever since with me trying out new journals and repurposing others. There were also some journals that I left for the time being because they won’t be relevant for the remainder of the year but still will be reached for at some point eventually. That’s why I decided to make this updated July 2020 Planner and Journal Lineup.

Plan With Me | July 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Moana

July is here! I honestly can’t believe that we are already in the second half of the year. 2020 has been quite a ride so far. In this Plan With Me, you’ll be able to see that I made quite a few changes to my setup. After my review of these past few months, I decided to try new things for my setup without making it complicated. The theme for this July 2020 Bullet Journal Setup is going to be the movie that changed my life, Moana. For the ones who don’t know, July is my birthday month and I wanted to make sure that I selected a proper theme for it. Hope you like it!

Summer Prep & Planning + Free Printable

Summer is just around the corner. In Puerto Rico, you can start feeling the summer just as soon as winter finishes. I am more of a winter kind of person. I just love the vibes and the weather though it doesn’t know, it is a bit less hot than the rest of the year. And, the most amazing thing about winter, at least for me, is Christmas. I just love everything about Christmas, the movies, family, and friends, the holiday food and decorations; just EVERYTHING. But this isn’t a post about me fangirling over Christmas, it is about how I am going to do my summer prep and planning since I consider summer the months of June and July.

June 2020 Life Monthly Planning

If there’s one month for which I have to plan for, it is June. As the first month of summer, I tend to go on a productivity slump with this new season that I’m not such a fan of. I will treat this month as any other setting it up with a plan for success. I will try my extra best to fulfill each and every one of the goals I have in this June 2020 Life Monthly Planning session.

Monthly Planning Routine

If you’d like to know how my monthly planning routine looks like, as well as get a printable that holds some of the things that could be useful to do the same, keep on reading. I wanted to make this little short series of planning routines so that I could take you through all of them and we can all share how we plan on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

Plan With Me | June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – High School Musical

So far, 2020 has been quite the year. That’s why I wanted to make sure to keep up with the theme I had already planned for June. Since I knew that by this time I would be graduating high school, I wanted to dedicate this month's theme to one of the Disney Channel movies I’ve seen the most which is High School Musical: Senior Year which I found quite fitting for the time. I know that it hasn’t been a traditional senior year but that doesn’t change the fact that this is my last year as a high school senior student. Here we have my June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup, High School Musical Themed.