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Summer is just around the corner. In Puerto Rico, you can start feeling the summer just as soon as winter finishes; it kinda gets mixed up with spring in my opinion. I am more of a winter kind of person. I just love the vibes and the weather though it doesn’t snow, it is a bit less hot than the rest of the year. And, the most amazing thing about winter, at least for me, is Christmas. I just love everything about Christmas, the movies, family, and friends, the holiday food and decorations; just EVERYTHING. But this isn’t a post about me fangirling over Christmas, it is about how I am going to do my summer prep and planning since I consider summer the months of June and July.

The reason why I’m prepping and planning for summer is that I like to make a gameplan for it because I tend to get in a slump during summer. Let’s just say it isn’t my favorite time of the year.

For this planning session, I will be using a printable I made in which I will be goal setting and planning to have a productive and motivated summer holiday. I like to keep as busy as I can to make sure that I stay out of the summer slump and keep up with my goals for the year.

You can get the printable for free by subscribing to my weekly newsletter that gives you access to my free printables library.

Main Goal

summer main goals

The first thing on the workbook is the main goal of it. I wanted to make sure that I have an intention for this summer. I want to keep in mind throughout the summer why I want to work on my goals and my intentions.

Monthly Focus

The next thing I did was set up an individual intention for the two months of the summer holidays which in my case are June and July. I personally wrote a little quote on each month. You could either put a quote or doodle something of what you want that month to represent.

Setting Priorities

After setting up my intentions, I went on to dictate my priorities in life. Some of my priorities are friends and family, learning, mental and physical health, etc.

Goal Breakdown

summer goal breakdown

The reason why I made a list of my priorities it’s because I wanted to make sure that I worked on them throughout summer and make sure that I don’t get into my summer slump. I made the second page in this workbook so that I could further break down my priorities into smaller goals and tasks.

Monthly Overview

summer calendar

On my last two blog posts; my monthly planning routine and my June life monthly planning, I used a calendar template I made that you can also get at the free printables library that you can access by subscribing to my weekly newsletter.

It has a really simple setup and one of the main things is the boxed calendar. I already have my June Bullet Journal Setup but I wanted to have this workbook before creating the spreads and to also have a full overview for the month.

Goals for the Month

On the sidebar, I have a section to jot down my top five goals for the month.

Books to Read

Next, I have my reading list since reading is a priority for me. If you are interested in the books I’ve read, I started making lists of the books I own on my account.

I started the lists a few days ago so they don’t have all the books I’ve read because I need to check out the books I’ve read digitally and such.

To-Do List

And lastly, my small to-do list for the month. Which basically consists of my creative projects and big tasks for the month.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Remember that you can get the free printable by subscribing to my weekly newsletter. I hope you have a lovely summer.

Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick

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