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Stationery and Crafting Supplies Organization Part 1: Crafting Supplies Cart

Blog Post 3 Crafting Supplies Cart
As a crafter and stationery lover, one thing I’ve struggled with throughout the years is organization. I would collect and collect supplies with no end and have no organization system set up for me to store them. If you are a fellow crafter, in this blog post series, I will be sharing with you how I organize my stationery and crafting supplies. For this first part, I will be showcasing my good old crafting supplies cart.

November 2020 Life Monthly Planning

Blog Post 2 November 2020 Life Monthly Planning
November… The start of a month that indicates that we are less than two months away from Christmas and two months away from the new year. Am I freaking out a little bit? Maybe… I’m extremely excited for these upcoming two months and this November 2020 Life Monthly Planning because it’s almost Christmas and I can already feel the Christmas spirit and cannot wait for all the crafting projects regarding this amazing holiday season.

Plan With Me | November 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Cozy Bookworm Themed

Blog Post 1 November 2020 Bullet Journal Setup
Hi guys! It’s November and you know what that means? We are less than 2 months away from Christmas and I’m freaking out with excitement! I struggled quite a bit with setting up a theme for this month’s bullet journal setup. I went with some sort of combination with books and cozy vibes. Let’s just head straight into this November 2020 Bullet Journal Setup.

Plan With Me | October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Wizarding World of Harry Potter Themed

october 2020 bullet journal setup
My October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup is finally here! This month’s theme is quite different from the ones that I have done previously as they all were quite colorful. This only has pops of colors here and there but not as much as the previous months. I decided to got with a Wizarding World of Harry Potter Bullet Journal theme because I thought it would be fun to spice things up and to see what elements I could bring in from the franchise.

My Favorite Disney Stationery Supplies

disney stationery supplies
As a stationery and Disney fanatic, it is my duty to get Disney stationery supplies. I’ve always loved stationery and Disney, but when I saw a specific set of journals from the Oh My Disney Collection at a Disney Store, I fell in love. I pledge guilty of buying that set of journals and loving them more than I anticipated. For any stationery and Disney fan out there, here are my favorite Disney Stationery Supplies.

Productivity TIPS for Procrastinators (Like Myself)

productivity tips
Not so long ago, I used to waste my time procrastinating (a week ago, more like a year ago, to be honest). I wasn’t in the best place emotionally, not that the amount of productivity you have reflects your mental state but for me, I used to spend hours on end thinking of all the things that I wanted to accomplish and fill myself with anxiety by not doing any one of them. Getting up to make a list became too much and that’s something because I’m a lister through and through; as well as it didn’t help in terms of following the goals that I wanted to accomplish. Throughout the years I spent so much time procrastinating that I’m pretty sure I can get a Ph.D. in procrastination. I hope these productivity tips help you with starting to work on your dreams and projects.

Loft Bed Accessories for Bed, Shelves and More

Loft Bed Accessories
Thanks to the great prices at Facebook Market Place, I was able to get an IKEA loft bed for an amazing discounted price in optimal quality. I know they can be quite the investment and that’s why I recommend you check out Facebook Market Place for a price that fits your budget. Loft beds are convenient if you have a small room like mine. The one I got has a desk with some drawers and a combo of a little shelf and closet below the bed. Here are some of the loft bed accessories I have found helpful when arranging and organizing my room so that everything has a place.