October 2020 Life Monthly Planning

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I can’t believe we are already in the tenth month of 2020 which means… Christmas is right around the corner and I cannot be more excited about it. As usual, I do my monthly planning at the end of the previous month or at the start of the month for which I’m planning for. This is my October 2020 Life Monthly Planning.


The first step I take into welcoming a brand new month is reviewing the past month just so that I make sure that I’m staying on track and if I’m not, focus more on the goals for which I may have been lacking in.

The information I collect is important for the upcoming steps of planning for the month.

Setup Bullet Journal

october 2020 bullet journal setup

As you may know, I use a bullet journal on a daily basis and each month I either tweak something for each spread or keep them the same depending on how useful the spread was in the previous month.

I also pick a theme for the month so that I have a cohesive look in terms of the doodles I use throughout the spreads.

For October, I chose a Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme which you can see in the Bullet Journal Plan With Me for October 2020 post.

School Calendar

The next thing I do is fill in my university calendar page in my bullet journal with assignment, test, and project due dates with a color coded key for each class.

Top 5 Goals

If you have seen any of my previous Life Monthly Planning posts you know that each month I select 5 main goals to focus on throughout the month.

Two goals that remain the same for each month are the Journal and Be Grateful Goal and the Physical and Mental Health Care monthly goal.

Read 5 Books

Reading is of great importance for me as it helps me feel better overall. This month I will be picking 5 books, unlike September in which I picked 7 books because this month is going to be quite a hefty one school-wise.

The Books I’ll be reading are the following:

BY Maintenance & Improvements

I want to make sure that every month I improve this website and the content I make to help you guys and so that I can provide the content in the most optimized way for you guys.

3 Crafting Projects

These past few months I have not been working on as many crafting projects as I would like and this month I want to change that.

Going forward I will be sharing with you the projects that I want to work on for this month.

Creative Projects

Disney Villain Themed Crafting Project

Since it’s October and my Instagram home feed is filled with fall and Halloween content, I got inspired to plan for a Disney Villain Theme Crafting Project.

I still haven’t determined whether it will be a costume or a couple of movie replicas or maybe both, who knows?

Printables & Planners

Maybe for the Free Printables Library, you can access by subscribing to my weekly newsletter…

Christmas Prepping

So, I’ve been thinking about how I want to celebrate this Christmas ever since last Christmas holidays ended.

I love the Christmas holidays with all that I am. In order to be able to get everything done for Christmas, decorations + New Year’s prep, I need to start working on my crafting projects as soon as possible.

I know this post is a few days later than I would have liked it to be posted but at last, it is here.

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.


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    Love your content and love you lots! Keep going. <3

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