Plan With Me | June 2021 Bullet Journal Setup – Moana/ish Themed

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With June we welcome a new summer. To be honest not my favorite season but, to make it a little bit better, I made colorful spreads for this month with a Moana-ish theme. Hope you like this June 2021 Bullet Journal Setup.

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Calendar & Monthly Overview

Since there is no school in summer and I only need a way to track important dates like birthdays and holidays, there’s a boxed calendar to put just that on half a page since there was no need for a full calendar spread.

On the right side of the spread, there’s space to put down the top 5 goals of the month and two to-do lists sections for personal and creative projects related to do’s.

To decorate the spread I put water on the bottom to represent Moana and to add more color, doodled a little flower and little bullet points representing the heart of Te Fiti from the movie to write down goals.

Habit, Task & Health Trackers & Logs

This is the spread that I think holds the most in my whole bullet journal. The top log is to track my blood pressure in the morning and at night because of doctor’s orders (I’m fine. I just probably need to go down a bit on the fries.).

Then below that is my personal habits habit tracker. Next is the repetitive task log and the reasoning behind this log is just so that I don’t have to rewrite repetitive tasks when I need to do them and can just easily draw a circle and check it off once the task is done in this log.

On the bottom is a health tracker to see when I take my vitamin D and things related to mental health.

Lastly, on the sidebar, is a gratitude log, and to decorate the page, I added the blue and doodled flowers.

Weekly Goals

The last spread is a weekly goals spread since I won’t be needing weekly spreads for this month. Each week has a section for personal goals and a section for creative goals.

I made the title of the spread with the Moana font and kept up the theme from the previous spreads.
I hope you liked this blog post and found it helpful.

QOTD: What are your summer goals?

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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