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As we head into the second quarter of the year I honestly cannot believe that it’s already April. I know I have not been the most consistent recently but what better way to start a new chapter than by setting up brand new bullet journal spreads. Here is my April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup.

This month, the spreads have a more simple theme as it is just colorful and all the supplies I used are jotted down in my Bullet Journal Essentials blog post or you can check out the supplies by themselves in my Bullet Journal Kit at The only difference is that instead of using my usual writing pen, I used the uni-ball Signo rt 0.38 black inked pen.


2 April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

Instead of doing the usual monthly log and small calendar, since this is going to be quite a hectic month uni-wise, I decided to just make a big calendar that can hold important dates for all areas in my life.

When it comes to uni due dates, I’ll still be using a color-coded key just so that I don’t have to write down the class for each assignment and can just add the color of the designated class.

Habits Log, Trackers & Gratitude Log

3 April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

Since this month will be quite busy, I decided to take out the learning log and just changed one of my personal habits to creative learning.

Everything else stayed the same… There’s the main personal tracker at the top, then a task log, and below that, a health log. The task log will be filled with a little circle on the days that I intend of completing the tasks and if I check them off then that means the task has been completed. I made this log just so that I wouldn’t need to write repetitive tasks every day that I completed them.

As usual, the gratitude log is on the sidebar and decorated the page with little doodles everywhere.

Schedule Log & Planner

4 April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

The schedule log and planner is one of the best spreads to see completed at the end of each month since it looks super colorful.

Like last month’s setup, it has a breakdown of the 24 hours at the top and a log on the side to see the date. The only difference is that this month I added a little tracker on the right page to track schedule goals like the number of hours slept, time spent on school, etc. The color-coded key is a the bottom right corner and the spread was finished with a bunch of little doodles.

Month’s Overview

5 April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

If you’ve seen any of my previous setups, you know that I always assign a little section for goals so I just decided to add it on an odd blank page that I had before the weekly spreads.

There’s a section for my top 5 goals for the month, a master to-do list, and a place to write down my trackers’ stats once the month is over.

Weekly Spreads

7 April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

I’ve been really loving this really simple weekly spread just because it allows me to write down daily and weekly to-do lists and after the spreads, I am able to just do a daily journal entry without having them entangled with my to-do lists.

I hope you liked this April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup. QOTD: Did you set goals for this brand new quarter?

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Lots of Love, Patrick.

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