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Plan With Me | February 2021 Bullet Journal Setup – Flowery Theme?

Blog Post 3 February 2021 Bullet Journal Setup
We are already on February 2021 guys! Here we have my February 2021 Bullet Journal Setup and I believe this is the earliest I’ve ever set up my bullet journal. Amanda Rach Lee, the queen of bullet journaling, recently did a twitch live stream setting up her February bullet journal so I decided to do mine alongside it and it was super fun. I believe the live stream is still up on twitch so make sure to check it out if you would like to set up your bullet journal alongside it.

2021 Planner and Journal Lineup | Personal, Creative + Language Learning Journals & Planners

Here we have my 2021 Planner and Journal Lineup! As a stationery and planner addict, I always strive to find new ways to organize my life and use the stationery that I love. In this video, I share with you a quick overview of all the planners and journals I will be using throughout 2021. This video is great for anyone trying to find ways to organize their life. I share with you my bullet journal, my creative business planner, goal setting journal and so much more so make sure to watch till the end.

Plan With Me | 2021 Bullet Journal Setup with Yearly and January Spreads

Blog Post 1 2021 Bullet Journal Setup + January Monthly Spreads
Happy 2021 guys! I hope you all had an amazing holiday break. To start this year right, I decided the best post to make was of my 2021 Bullet Journal Setup. If you read my 2020 Bullet Journal Setup you will be able to see how, for this year, I decided to create super simple and easy to make spreads filled with imperfections and wavy outlines. I will also be including my January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup within this post so make sure to read it till the end.