Goal Setting Page In Notion Setup

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If you saw my 2021 Planner & Journal Lineup, you know by now that I love stationery and using them on my day to day to set goals and plan.

Although I do have sections in my individual planners and journals for goal setting, they are simple checklists whereas I needed something to organize my goals and dreams not only for this year, but for my life.

That’s why, I knew I had to make a Notion page dedicated to plan my dream life with an organized system that will not only help me see my goals, but also break them down and actually achieve them.

In this video, I take you through and show you how I’m setting up a goal setting page in Notion for anyone out there who would like to use Notion to help them plan out and achieve their goals.

If you have different areas of your life you want to work on and set goals to but don’t know how to organize and break them down in order to achieve them, I think you will like this video tutorial so make sure to watch it till the end.

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