Plan With Me | February 2021 Bullet Journal Setup – Flowery Theme?

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We are already on February 2021 guys! Here we have my February 2021 Bullet Journal Setup and I believe this is the earliest I’ve ever set up my bullet journal. Amanda Rach Lee, the queen of bullet journaling, recently did a twitch live stream setting up her February bullet journal so I decided to do mine alongside it and it was super fun. I believe the live stream is still up on twitch so make sure to check it out if you would like to set up your bullet journal alongside it.

For this month, I kind of fully winged it when it came to the theme and I just sort of made it a super simple flower theme and used the same colored pencils throughout the spreads to add a bit of cohesiveness.

All the supplies I used throughout this setup and my favorite bullet journaling supplies are listed in my Bullet Journal kit at so make sure you check it out if you’re interested in trying them out.

Monthly Overview Spread

I kept this spread almost the same as in January. It has the monthly log for holidays, birthdays, and appointments; a section for my top 5 goals for the month, and a little to-do list for any big to-do’s for the month.

On the next page is my school calendar that I will be filling with shortened words like HW for homework for school and coloring over it with a color-coded key for each class.

To decorate the page a did super simple flower and sparkle doodles and colored them in with the same colors of the letters.

Habit Log & Tracker + Gratitude Log

This is one of my favorite pages in my bullet journal as it holds a bunch of information.

The tracker at the top is my personal tracker. My personal tracker is for things like habits I want to create for personal development and things to track regarding my personal well being like insomnia, etc.

The tracker below that is my learning tracker. I always want to make sure that I’m learning something new so I have 3 things that I’m always working on and those are business/ marketing, design, and language learning.

On the bottom, is my task log. I put here tasks that are repetitive so that I don’t have to write them on my daily to-do list and I can just do a circle on the day and tasks I want to work on and check them off as I complete them.

Lastly, on the right sidebar is my gratitude log since it helps me have a better and more positive mindset.

Self-Care Spread

This is an added spread for this month specifically since I want to theme it around self-care and love.

First, we have my self-care playlist. I love this playlist and have it on YouTube and Spotify and it just improves my mood as music always does. Make sure to comment down below your favorite self-love songs so that I can add them to my playlist.

On the left side of that page, the top half has a self-care for the month checklist and on the bottom, I have a Valentine’s gift bag to-do list because I always like to make a little something for my friends on Valentine’s day.

A not so nice part of this spread is my not feeling so great log and I started making this page last month because I want to track any times that I have bad anxiety or a panic attack so that I can see if there are any patterns or anything I need to work on.

Self-Care Workbook

Weekly Spreads

Lastly, for this bullet journal setup, we have my weekly spreads for the whole month. I found that making my weekly spreads so that I can fill in my daily to-do lists beforehand really helps me out.

I made these spreads super simple and outlined the daily boxes with the colored pencils and added a little section for weekly goals.

After all the weekly spreads, I will be adding my daily journal entries and it has worked out the best for me this month so I definitely recommend it.

I hope you found this blog post helpful! QOTD: Do you like to design your spreads beforehand? Or do you prefer to use the original bullet journal system and fill your pages out as you go?

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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