Plan With Me | March 2021 Bullet Journal Setup – Rainbow Themed

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February is finally over and I honestly cannot be more excited for March and a brand new start and what better way to commemorate that than by setting up new spreads in my bullet journal. I didn’t want to do anything complicated for the theme this month but still wanted it to be colorful so I went with a simple yet colorful rainbow theme for this March 2021 Bullet Journal Setup.

All the supplies used for this setup are mentioned in my Bullet Journal Essentials post and if you would like to check out the supplies by themselves, you can check out my bullet journal kit at my profile.

Monthly Overview Spread

monthly overview

This spread, very handy as always, holds my monthly overview filled with important dates. On the monthly log, I put holidays and birthdays whilst on the boxed calendar, I put homework and projects from uni using a color-coded key so that I don’t have to write the name of the classes for each task and project.

This month, instead of only putting a section for my top 5 goals, I decided to call it the goals and projects section just because there are a few personal development projects I want to work on for this upcoming month.

To decorate this month, I made rainbows and clouds throughout the spreads just so all of them would be colorful and I quite liked how it turned out and the best of all, it was super easy to do.

Habits Log, Trackers & Gratitude Log

habit log and trackers

I went jam with this spread! It usually holds a personal and learning tracker, plus a task and gratitude log. Like I mentioned, this month I want to work on quite a bit of personal development projects so aside from my usual trackers and logs, I added a mental and physical health tracker just so that I can track my off days and work on both my mental and physical health.

The reason why some of the trackers are dotted and others graphed is because the graphed trackers are more for checking off while the dotted ones are there for me to put a circle and check off if I complete them like in the task log and for the health log I’ll just do a checkmark without doing the circle because it’s not like I want to have any of the symptoms and stuff.

As always, on the sidebar, I put a gratitude log since it really helps for having a more positive mindset throughout the month.

Daily Schedule Log & Planner

daily schedule log and planner

This is a new addition for this month specifically because I feel the need to structure my days a bit more so having a daily schedule and planner seems like a great idea.

It holds the 24 hours of the day and to plan I’ll do a line using the color-coded key at the bottom of the page and it will be filled in with the actual schedule I had throughout the day.

On the sidebar, there’s a section for my ideal morning routine that I’ll be sharing with you guys soon so make sure to stay tuned for that video on my YouTube channel.

Weekly Spreads

weekly spread

The weekly spreads are the same as these past few months and they are really good for planning your weeks so I recommend you try it out. There’s a little section for weekly goals and each day has space for a to-do list.

I really hope you liked this blog post and found it helpful.

QOTD: What theme will you be doing for this month in your bullet journal?

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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