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Productivity TIPS for Procrastinators (Like Myself)

productivity tips
Not so long ago, I used to waste my time procrastinating (a week ago, more like a year ago, to be honest). I wasn’t in the best place emotionally, not that the amount of productivity you have reflects your mental state but for me, I used to spend hours on end thinking of all the things that I wanted to accomplish and fill myself with anxiety by not doing any one of them. Getting up to make a list became too much and that’s something because I’m a lister through and through; as well as it didn’t help in terms of following the goals that I wanted to accomplish. Throughout the years I spent so much time procrastinating that I’m pretty sure I can get a Ph.D. in procrastination. I hope these productivity tips help you with starting to work on your dreams and projects.

Loft Bed Accessories for Bed, Shelves and More

Loft Bed Accessories
Thanks to the great prices at Facebook Market Place, I was able to get an IKEA loft bed for an amazing discounted price in optimal quality. I know they can be quite the investment and that’s why I recommend you check out Facebook Market Place for a price that fits your budget. Loft beds are convenient if you have a small room like mine. The one I got has a desk with some drawers and a combo of a little shelf and closet below the bed. Here are some of the loft bed accessories I have found helpful when arranging and organizing my room so that everything has a place.

September 2020 Life Monthly Planning

September 2020 Life Monthly Planning
What a month August was. I don’t know about you guys but so many things happened this month for me. Not bad things. It was quite an eventful month in terms of my personal life with the start of my first semester as an online college student and productivity-wise with the setup of new routines and projects done throughout the month. I hope you had an amazing month and that everything went as expected. I know these are very uncertain times and one of the reasons for which I have maintained these planning routines is because of the little things I can sort of control, I want to get a hold of or prepare for. I can’t believe that this is September 2020 Life Monthly Planning Post when 2020 feels like it started yesterday. What an eventful year…

Plan With Me | September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup – Stationery Themed

september 2020 bullet journal setup
Well, I don’t know about you guys, but for me, August went as fast as the wind. For this August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup, I wasn’t really planning on going with a theme. I picked my supplies with the idea of a minimalistic spread with some color accents here and there. As you can see from the thumbnail of this post, it went differently. September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup's theme turned out to revolve around stationery. I’ll tell you why when we get to my inspiration point.

School Time Management

School Time Management
With school and college comes a lot of assignments and responsibilities. I wanted to make sure that I distributed my time nicely so that I could fulfill both my responsibilities and had time to do extra activities that make me happy. Here is how I deal with school time management to be able to work on both my responsibilities as a student and my personal life.

Online School Supplies – Tech and Organizational

Online School Supplies
Now that a lot of us will be taking online school due to the situation going on in the world, I wanted to share some of the things I did to prep my workspace for an organized, ergonomic and productivity filled space. These are the things that I had and set up combined with some of the things I invested in to have a nice studying setup not only for this semester but for my whole college life. Here are some online school supplies in the tech and organizational department I think you will find helpful throughout your online school experience.

How to Have a Peaceful Day

How to have a peaceful day
As a way to celebrate the National Day of Relaxation, I wanted to show with you my favorite things to do to have a peaceful day. These different tasks allow me to have a peaceful day filled with productivity which is why I try my best to implement them in my day to day though there are still times in which slumps take over me and I don’t do them. This is my take on how to have a peaceful day.

What’s in my College Backpack?

what's in my college backpack?
I know these are weird times in the world and now in back to school season, some schools are doing on-campus classes while others are online. Mine is going to be online but as the extra person that I am, I still wanted to prep my backpack as if I was going on campus since I wanted to show you what’s in my college backpack for those of you who are going to take classes online. To give you a little bit of context this will be my first semester as a freshman college student so if you are in another grade, some of these supplies might not apply to you at all. I made a what’s in my backpack post for when I was a high school senior at the beginning of this year if you are interested in checking it out.