the ultimate business re-brand: the renaissance

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new year, new look!

in this video, I share with you the journey to do a full re-brand: the renaissance (I know I like dramatic titles) of Be Yourself Studios. these past few years I’ve been experimenting with brand styles and content and now I can confidently say that the end result of this creative project is just how I envisioned it.

from now on, I will be taking you through my journey as a creative working not only on various creative projects but on myself. can’t wait to share this journey with you!

wishing you the best of love, success, and happiness✨

📝Show Notes


00:00 – intro
02:13 – where it began…
06:02 – re-brand: the renaissance
08:22 – prepping months
12:39 – let’s start
12:56 – main branding elements
15:43 – the logo
17:38 – changing site settings (theme)
18:22 – general website graphics
20:39 – home page graphics
21:51 – content page graphics
22:58 – what I use page graphics
23:34 – free printables page graphics
24:18 – contact & about page banner
25:27 – links page
25:46 – website flip-through
28:05 – social media profiles’ graphics
30:42 – promo graphics
31:20 – youtube channel graphics
32:43 – motion graphics
34:16 – music research
35:10 – content changes
37:08 – outro

✨Resources Mentioned✨

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Be Yourself, Be Happy, Be Human.
Lots of Love, Patrick.

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