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From Static to Active: The Multiply Challenge (5x12x100)

TN 20240131 from static to active the multiply challenge
These past few months (cough years) have been interesting and after a lot of wandering in the lower parts of the mood graph. I’m finally in a place in which I can be functional. Still, I’ve been kind of MIA and now that “I’m back” in a way, there are a couple of things I need to pick up where I started and some things that I need to start from scratch with my new acquired wisdom (can you tell I’m a Ravenclaw?) That's when I decided to create the multiply challenge.

life reset – working on my dream life (goal setting system, vision board, new look, and more)

TN YT20230118 life reset
after last year, I knew I needed to do a full re-brand and not only for Be Yourself Studios, but for myself. this is the ultimate life reset in which I work towards setting the ultimate systems and goals to accomplish all of my objectives, goals, and projects.

vlogmas day 3 what equipment and journals I’m using for vlogmas 2022

YT 20221208 vlogmas day 3 what equipment and journals I'm using for vlogmas 2022
For this vlogmas day, I wanted to share with you the equipment and journals I’m using for vlogmas 2022. I laughed so much while editing this video just by the amount of times I decided to apparently forget all English words. I think I’ve never forgotten so many words at once but in my defense I was super tired. Aside from that, I hope you found this video helpful or at least a bit entertaining.